Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Mind, Body, Spirit

It's a new month.  I've been working a LOT.  So much that really there isn't much to write about.

Last weekend, a manager and I did an "offsite" for the bookstore.  I worked at a "Mind Body Spirit" Expo.  We were selling books for three different people at their talks.

This happened at the Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks.  To the one side of this expo was a "Rock and Roll Expo" featuring Ace Frehley from Kiss, Izzy Stradlin from Guns and Roses, Carl Palmer from ELP and Asia, Lita Ford and a few others.  I wish I could've seen that, but oh well.  To the other side was a Gun show.  So, to paraphrase a coworker it was "Fruits, Nuts, and Rock and Roll."

Saturday was a rainy day.  I parked in in a Fire Zone in front of the Expo center to unload the books and cash register from my car.  It didn't take very long as we brought a hand truck.  When I went back to move my car, a guy walked in front of it.  He was very thin, baseball cap turned backward, and brandishing two Uzis, one in each hand.  He was strutting like he was something special.  I wanted to shout to him "Just how small is you d*ck anyway?" but as I was on the clock, I didn't.

After parking a good distance away in a muddy field, I walked back in.  It was a windy day as well, and I was wearing in full skirted dress, of which the skirt kept trying to blow up on me.  Not a smart choice.

Working the expo Saturday, hair in a ponytail

Our first book was for James Van Praagh.  He sees dead people.  he also created the TV series "Ghost Whisperer.  At one point, he had everyone close their eyes and "invite" a spirit into our bodies.  I figured "what the hell- why not?"  So i did.  And I was overcome with emotion.  I started crying.  Weird, right?  Anyway, he was a nice guy and we sold a lot of his books.  He signed every one and posed for pictures with most people.

 The person following him was Gail Thackray, who someone said had once been a porn star before developing psychic powers.  I don't know about that, but she IS a beautiful woman with a body to die for.  She wasn't selling books, so we left as she spoke, and headed back to the store.

With James Van Praagh

The next day, we had two sessions.  The first was Laura Day, who does Psychic Healing.  She was nice as well.  During her session, she and two other psychic healers came around the room doing their thing.  I was psychically healed.  So I've got that going for me, which is nice.

Three healers at work.  Laura Day is the middle one

The one after that was the Rev. Michael Beckwith.  Performing on organ behind him was his wife.  He was a big draw!  How to describe him?  Hmmm well if James Brown as he appeared in the Blues Brothers and the Rev, Jessie Jackson had a child together, that child would be Rev Beckwith.  He was loud, enthusiastic, used big words (sometimes confusing their meanings) and spoke very fast.  It was entertaining for the first five minutes, but he went on for an hour and a half.  The crowd loved him though, and his wife was a VERY good singer.

Reverend and the Showgirl  (Gail Thackray)

During his performance, I decided to walk around the dealer's room a bit.  Right outside the meeting area was a guy selling something.  I looked to the right, where I saw Grand Master Qi Feilong doing a dance with one of those long colorful Chinese banners.  He was amazing to see!  As I watched, the guy outside came over to me and said "Yeah, he's amazing.  I asked him to heal me, and so he had me hold two balls of tin foil, one in each hand.  And he asked me which side I wanted healed and I said this side [his left.]  And the tin foil in that hand got so hot I could hardly keep holding it!"

I smiled, nodded, and went back into the presentation room.

Rev Beckwith finished his presentation and the crowd surged out to buy books.  I was very busy for a while.  Everyone was very nice and waited patiently for him to sign them.  In fact, with one exception, EVERYONE was really nice.  very mellow.  Kind of what would be expected at a New Age expo.  (I wonder if everyone was that mellow at the Gun show?)

With Michael Beckwith

So that was my weekend.  Actually a nice way to spend the weekend.  The sessions I saw would've cost me about $150 to attend, not counting expo admission, so that was nice.

The following day was Monday.  And for the first time since before I transitioned, I lost my temper at work.  The "why" doesn't matter, but, as always, when I lose my temper, I'm miserable the rest of the day.  On my way home, the check engine light on my car came on, and the car started "stuttering."  By the time I made it back the apartment, I was in a deep depression.  I'd spoken to wife about taking me home from the garage after dropping off the car, but she became busy.

I cried in my bed for a while, then left my phone at the apartment and drove to the garage.  Why didn't I ask Linda?  She was in her pajamas already.  I didn't want to inconvenience her.

So after dropping off my car, I walked back- three miles in the dark.  It was a bit chilly, but I needed the time to think.

Eventually, I made it back to the apartment.  I ate something, checked email, chatted with my dear friends Ally and Sandy, then went to bed.  I felt better the next morning.

I go back to work tomorrow.  I hope things are better.

Be well.

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