Sunday, October 25, 2015

Return to BK

So I took Linda Lewis​ to a doctor appt in nearby Limerick on Friday.  On the way back, I decided to stop at Burger King in Spring City.  I worked there from 1982-84, and it was my first real job.

I rarely go back to Spring City, as, well, I hate it.  This was the first time I set foot in this BK as a woman.  I didn't know what to expect.  After all, it's Spring City.

Burger King Spring City today

The place is VERY different, inside and out. For example, the box like structure protruding from the right side of the building didn't exist.  There is now a "cafe" on the left side that wasn't there when I was there.  Instead of diarrhea tan, the outside was a dark wood stain.  The interior was done in dark wood, orange, and red.  There were exposed dark wood beams on the ceiling instead of the drop ceiling in there now.   There was a salad bar where the drink station is now.  And we sold Pitas to use with the salad bar.

The kitchen looks very similar.  I wonder if it's the same broiler and fryer I used back in the day back there.

I have no pictures from back then, but a picture of me and a couple of others appeared in the local newspaper during the spring of 1984.

So Linda and I walked in the door.  Would we meet with redneck bigots?  Be refused service?  Beaten with frozen whopper patties?

I needn't have worried.  The guy behind the counter was FABULOUS!  Flamboyant!  He said he was having a bad day, and needed a touch of Fabulous in his day and we were IT!  So yes, we were clocked, but it was ok.  He was extremely nice, and when his ex-boyfriend came to pick him up, we were introduced to him as well.  He was also extremely nice.

There were many questions I wanted to ask- like how he survives day to day in this town without getting his ass beaten every day.  But the Spring City I knew was twenty plus years ago.  When I grew up, being different was an invitation to be beaten, shunned or worse.  I had this discussion with my parents- there was NO way I could've come out as trans back when I was growing up, even if my parents were incredibly supportive.  Like Nicole Maines' family in Maine, we would've been run out of town.


He had a sad story.  Many stuck in Spring City do.  He was a dancer living in California chasing his dream.  Then his mother took ill, and he came east to care for her.  When she passed he didn't have the money to leave.  So he's stuck working at Burger King in Spring City.  It's honest work to be sure- thankless work.  I know, as I've been there.

Linda and I ate our lunches and enjoyed our time there.  We both left smiling.  Me especially.  When I worked at this BK, I used some of my paychecks to buy my girl clothes as that was when I was dressing back then.  I never imagined that one day I'd walk into the building wearing a bra and panties, never mind BEING a woman.

Some dreams come true, even if it takes thirty years.

The car wash across the street.  What is a Haunted Car wash anyway?


  1. Sophie -

    Yes - You may have been clocked.... But I've found that over time, Transdar and Gaydar tend to work together. And in this case, it's nice to see someone who knows and simply showed he cared FOR you....


  2. Ditto on Marian's comments.
    It seems that attitudes in Spring City have least to the point of not conforming with your pre judged expectation.