Tuesday, April 21, 2015

In Awe

Ever been Star Struck?  I have.

I've met many celebrities, usually when bartending, but some by sheer coincidence.  And the first few I met I was struck dumb.  I didn't say much as I didn't want to seem an idiot.  The first "celebrity" I met was in 1985, when I met Roger Daltrey of the Who after his solo show at the Tower Theater in Philly.  I was so star struck I didn't even ask for an autograph.  I shook his hand though.

In time I got better at it.  I was at my best when I met Paul Simon at a Yes concert (also at the Tower) some years ago.  He was cool, really nice, and shook my hand as well.  I told him I loved his music.

For that matter, I met most of Yes, but at a different occasion.

I have gotten better at it, but that means it still doesn't happen.  And the funny thing is, for me, it happens at TG conventions.

Here's an example.

Back in 2013, I attended my first Southern Comfort Conference (I wrote about it HERE.) There I met several women whom I had admired for their beauty and seeming grace.  Ana Cristina Garcia, Laura Lenley, Stephanie Yates and others. I was friends with several on Facialbook, but meeting them?

With Ana Cristina Garcia

Yes, I was a Fan girl.  And I tried my best not to make an ass of myself.  But I did.  And I discovered that they were so very nice and accepting.  Ana is a warm and fun person, and Laura is as fun as I imagined.  And Stephanie Yates didn't disappoint either!  I am a better person for having met them.

One in particular I was a fan girl of was Linda Lewis.  And I managed to make her angry.  Over time, I got to know her, and I was able to help her in her time of need.  We are now roomies and best friends.  I learned a valuable lesson at SCC, and since... that people we admire are People.  Linda is one of the most down to Earth and practical people I know, yet has a wicked sense of humor.  And did you know she's a fellow Trekker?


Another example is the amazing Donna Rose.  I met her on several occasions and she is simply a treasure.  It turns out she's a "Big Sister" to my "Big Sister" Mel.  When I first met her I was absolutely tongue tied.

But even that knowledge didn't help at Keystone.  Nope, I was stunned into gaping silence by the beauty of several women, most of them Vanity Club sisters.

Here's an example.

Stephanie Wardlow is a fellow VC sister.  She's absolutely stunning, and by all accounts an extremely nice person.  I've posed with pictures with her.  Heck, we sat at the same table at the Keystone Gala this year.  But she'd so damn beautiful I was star struck. I don't think I said even a word to her, and those who know me know how strange that is, as I'm a talker.

With Stephanie at SCC 2013

There are women I'd love to meet someday, but I fear I'd be a blithering idiot.  Women like Heidi Phox and Samantha Johns.  There are others of course, but I'll keep this entry short.

Something I just thought about.  I write occasionally about people coming up to me and complimenting me on my blog and stuff.  Do they feel that way about me?  Nahhh... they all seemed quite in control.

Star Struck.  It's seems so strange.  I know these people are just human like me, but, without even knowing them, I elevate them to a higher plane than myself.  Self esteem issue?  Maybe.  At least I know I'm not a narcissist.

In any case, I wonder how many people get star struck out there.  Do you dear reader?  Hey, you could share your experience in the comment section!  That could be fun!  :)

Be Well!


  1. I have experienced the same feelings about other TG's, especially in the years before i had the courage to take those first steps out of the house and into the "Big World." Now that you are out and live and work as Sophie, many people look up to you as a shining example of what is possible. What we have to realize is that we have given up a lot to be here and get to this point in our lives. Many of those beautiful women so many of us idolize are going to work as "Bob" and keep "Bobbi" hidden from most of the world. While they may look good in pictures and seem accomplished to those who are still totally closeted, the true idols are people like Sophie who have taken the risks, paid the dues and done what it took to be themselves.

  2. Sophie:

    A slightly different take. I've been following your blog for quite some time and have occasionally replied with words of encouragement, support, etc. At Keystone this year I had hoped to say Hi and chat for a few minutes -- at the 2013 Keystone I met you briefly in the Sheraton's infamous bar -- and now that you're well on your way to transitioning, I thought I'd personally offer some additional encouragement, congratulations, etc. All of your posted photos from Keystone have you smiling and looking like the most approachable woman at the Conference, yet every time I saw you there in person, for some reason you seemed distant or unapproachable. As I'm quite gregarious and love meeting other ladies, I couldn't (and still don't) understand why I was feeling what I felt. Needless to say, I didn't approach you at Keystone and regret not pushing through whatever angst or other barrier I felt and actually saying hi.

    So, that said, "HI SOPHIE!". This will have to do until I am again in the same place at the same time as you.

    Now the starstruck part of your post. My first career was in the tech side of professional theater. During that time I met many many star performers. I've found that one on one, most "stars" are indeed normal people with normal issues. Often they are a bit lonely, as they are surrounded by people who want something from them, and regular friendships are hard to find -- kind of like being a T-lady who is first going out into the world.

    We're all proud of you for your accomplishments and courage. Being honest to yourself has been difficult because of the emotional cost, but we, your support base and fans, have no doubt that your succeeding will lead to further success.

    Best Regards,

    1. Wow I don't know what to say. You must've seen my "resting bitch face." I'm sorry I didn't seem approachable as I would've loved to have spoken with you. Hopefully next time?

  3. Dearest Sophie, You know that the honor was all mine when we first met at SCC 2013. Your enthusiasm and determination really impressed me as did your wit and kindness. You have evolved into a beautiful woman both inside and out and have done so with those same attributes that I so admire in you. After reading this post, I have come to realize that besides the obvious connection and both of us being Big Ten gals, there is one more thing we have in common and that is a liking for great music. I have always been a fan and collector of Progresive Rock in general and Symphonic Prog in particular so, the next time we meet, we have to compare notes on great bands. Are you coming to Atlanta for the VC soiree? I will be there.

    Much Love :-)