Wednesday, April 8, 2015

How Long Does It Take?

So today at work, I had a rare day at customer service (I'm a Head Cashier, so normally I'm at the cash registers.)  It was wonderful to stretch my legs and recommend books again.  I miss that part of the job.

So anyway, in comes a regular customer.  I'll call him Stench.  Why?  Because he stinks.  Really.  Bad.  He isn't the stinkiest customer we have but he's close.  In any case, I wrote about him before.  When I first came out, he called me by my male name, and said he would continue to do so as it's my "legal name."  I complained to management, and they spoke to him.  Since then he's tried to be my buddy.  I want nothing to with him.

So anyway, today I'm at customer service and he asks me for a book that was just released.  As I'm trained to do, I escort him to the book and place the book in his hand.  It's my Job- and I do my job.

As I'm walking away, he says "Thank you SIR."  Quite emphatically.

I turned around and glared at him.  "That's ma'am."  I was seething.

He said "Oh right.  Sorry.  I'm still not used to it."

"I took a step closer.  "It's been a WHOLE YEAR.  How long does it take?"  I glared and made sure not to blink (it's unnerving.)

In my mind, I'm thinking  "Good job Sophie, you're about to be fired."

He apologized again and tried to put his hand on my shoulder.  I backed away- I didn't want his hands on me.  You see, I love hugging Friends, but if you're not my friend, I don't want you touching me.  At all.

I turned and walked away.

As I walked back to the Customer Service station, he babbled more apologies.  And I thought about the interaction.  Management has been always been very clear about two things.  1) That they FULLY support my transition, and 2) That if a customer ever gets out of line, we do NOT have to just stand there and take it.  Normally, I do, because the rude people are usually old and rich and privileged, and arguing with them won't change their ways.

I still get sir'ed occasionally.  I always will.  I understand that's my lot in life, as I'll never be able to afford FFS.  But when someone is emphatic about it- that's just rude.  And that's when I get offended.

A few minutes later, I was fine.  I helped a coworker put away the new issues of magazines that arrived.  And suddenly Stench is there.  He apologizes again, doing his best to sound sincere.  And he touched my shoulder.  I recoiled and told him to forget about it.

I didn't go to management about this.  In my mind, I said my piece, and I feel I should be educating people about the trans-condition, not management.  I want to be an example.  And, he seemed corrected.  But if it happens again with him, I will go to management.  Three strikes and all...


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  1. Sophie -

    I wouldn't make that assumption on FFS. Yes, you are on a VERY TIGHT budget right now. But things do change. And I think that the laws requiring GCS (in some states) to be covered under the ACA, will be expanded for FFS, as well as voice coaching over time. There is a small enough number of people needing these procedures, that some companies will start saying - why not do the whole thing, and do it right? And once that happens - massive change will start....

    So don't give up hope. If you can't afford FFS in the USA, you might be able to do so on a tourist trip to Thailand. Only time will tell....