Sunday, January 11, 2015

Tea Partier Replies

After my last post, I received a flurry of comments and some PMs on Facialbook.  But, from the person it was directed toward, there was silence for several days.

Radio Silence at Angela's Laptop Lounge

Then he commented on a facialbook post.  I messaged him, and the following exchange occurred.

The following is an unedited transcript.  My words are in italics.  Emphasis on his words is mine.

It started with him calling the blog entry "dumb" in another public post.
  • At least now I know your thoughts on the trans condition
  • It isn't a condition. The fact you choose to treat it as such is one of the reasons it is problematic to you. I judge an individual based on their actions and character. Whether they want to dress in a dress and surgically alter themselves makes no difference to me. You see, if one goes about their business not harming anyone else I'm all for it.
    As far as the "woe is me I was born this way" I have little sympathy. Self pity and cries for attention are a waste of your own time & energy. I've got a news flash for you. Not everyone is going to like you. Not everyone is gonna agree with your choices. And that is OK.
    My guess is you don't understand my thoughts in this, or many other topics. I'm about as concerned about the "trans condition" as I am as someone's sexuality, preference in blondes or brunettes, whether they prefer beer or mixed drinks, sunny side up or scrambled. It is called true acceptance of people for who they are and not splitting, separating and classifying and dividing everyone up in little separate groups based on my biases.
    Give it a try. You will live in a happier place.
    And yes, you can repost this in your blog if you like. The progressive mindset could use a little acceptance and love of all.
  • And that's where you're wrong. Its a WELL DOCUMENTED condition. But you ignore the science, As I thought you would

  • That is why your ilk (and by that I mean liberal progressives) are so high in depression and suicide. You let faux science tell you you have a "condition" . When you should acknowledge, accept and embrace who you are. And not let some pencil neck tell you you have a condition.
    Standard progressive divisive tactics. Make shit up, segregate groups tell them they are victims and point to another group to vilify, to blame for their plight.
    But to buy into propaganda labeled as science ( which it is NOT) and ignore reality, as I knew you would
  • It is truly sad when I see people I know allow themselves to be made to believe they are always a victim and not be allowed to be happy with themselves.


People ask why I post so much politics on social media (thus putting me on HYDRA's target list.... if you get that reference).  

THIS is why- to shed light on ignorance like this.  To shed light on people who deny science and fear intelligence (be it about climate change, age of the planet, or biology.)

We trans people are not victims.  I never said we were, and never will.  I've said it before, and I'll say it again.  We are Special.  We were born different, yes.  There are few of us, true.  In some cultures we were revered.  In ours, we are vilified.  Russia just made it illegal for us to hold drivers licences, for example.

And people like this tea partier?  Would deny we exist.  

We are Special.  That makes as no better than everyone else.  But it sure as hell doesn't make us inferior.  It doesn't make us deserving of Hatred.

I knew he would react as he did.  How did I deduce this?  Because I know his source of information- and what THEY say about transpeople.  Want to know what Fox News says about Trans people?  Re-read what he wrote.  And look it up.  Please- don't take my word for it.  See for yourself.  

They deny science.  They deny everything they can't or won't understand.  And they NEED to be exposed.  I am only one voice.  But Maybe, just maybe, one voice can make a difference.

One person CAN make a difference in a life.  I have a list of people who made a difference in mine.  And maybe someone will see the Truth but what I write either here or on FB.

Or just dismiss it out of hand and call me names.  

Their choice.

I choose to Educate.  And to Live.

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  1. Sophie -

    I agree with your conclusion, but not necessarily of all the interpretations of what the Tea Partier was saying.

    To me, if we have a person who doesn't care what we do, that's half the battle won. But, when he denies evidence that being transgender is a legitimate part of our being and that there is extreme prejudice against us, then I'd get upset too....

    Please remember that more of us need to be out and about in the world - if only to show the naysayers that we are normal people with a simple birth anomaly. This can get frustrating at times - especially when people like you lose convenient contact with your immediate family due to a prejudiced extended family member (or when I lose romantic partners because they can't deal with a person living life in two genders). On the other hand, there are great rewards - like me finally feeling accepted by people, making new friends (while en-femme) with cis-gendered female peers.

    So I'll close out by calling you a name.... Beautiful!