Sunday, January 18, 2015

Texas story

I used to work for a company called Games Workshop (GW).  GW makes toy soldiers and the games to go with them.  I worked there for nine years, and with them I traveled a bit, especially since the company is based in the UK.

For a period of time, my sales territory was Texas, and I had occasion to visit there several times.  I can spin a few stories of these trips (or of other GW trips) but I'll just tell this one for now.  It's my favorite Texas story.

It was my first trip to Texas, and I was having dinner with representatives of Lone Star Comics, who were by far my biggest customer.  We went Medieval Times, which has banquet style seating on long tables in the bar area.  The food was great as was the company.

Medieval Times, Dallas

It was August 9, 1995.  That night was Mike Tyson's first fight after getting out of prison, and it was a huge event.  Peter McNeeley was the opponent, and the fight ended after only 89 seconds.  Tyson won.

The fight was shown on the projection screen tv at the place.  People were shouting and hootin' an' a hollerin'.  When the fight ended, most people applauded.  But four tables away, someone wasn't very happy.

There was an argument- I'm guessing over a bet.  It escalated and the two stood up.  Most people ignored these two guys, but they were in my direct line of sight.  Then one of them pulled a gun.

Being four tables away, I yelled "GUN!" and ducked under the table.  A few seconds later, some guy wearing a Yosemite Sam hat looks under the table at me and says "Y'all are a Yankee, aincha?"

I stood back up and saw three huge bouncers had the situation handled.  Two had the gun guy- and they were introducing him to every table *WHACK*, chair, *POW* and wall *OOF* on the way toward the door.  The third bouncer was escorting the other guy more peacefully toward the door- he was going quietly.

The room applauded politely again, and the people I was with picked on me for the rest of the night for being a Yankee.

It was a fun night, and I ended up with some huge orders for the company.  In a way, that trip kickstarted my career at GW.

But I remember it for that guy in the hat.  Even thinking of him makes me laugh.

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  1. I've lived in Texas for more than twenty years now and they STILL call me a Yankee. I think it's kind of ironic being as how I am actually from Southern California and I guess that the argument could be made that I am actually a "southerner". . .