Friday, January 23, 2015

Life with Roomies

I remember seeing something on HBO some years ago.  America Undercover I think it was called.  It was about the lives of TG people and a few in particular.  One of the things it said is that TG people tend to live together.

Well, I don't know for sure, but that seems to be the case.  I know it is for me.  I have two roomies, and both are Trans.  Allow me to introduce you to them.

The first is Linda Lewis.  She moved into the area in December 2013, and lived with me at M's.  Then we went in together to an apartment.  I've written quite a bit about about Linda, especially HERE.  To recap: Linda is a legend in the TG community.  Her own website, her videos, as well as her flickr page receives thousands of hits a day.

She's originally from Michigan, then lived in Oklahoma, then Hollywood, California, where she studied makeup under Jim Bridges.  She worked in airports doing aircraft maintenance as well, and met many stars.  (Ask her about who should you meet her!)  She has done modelling work for various products as well, and still does makeovers for those who are willing to pay.

Linda has done so much in her years that you'd think she'd be really stuck up.  Nope.  She's so amazingly down to Earth and genuine.  I'm proud to call her my Bestie.

My Fave Pic of  Linda 

Zoey is my other roomie.  She moved in back in October.  Born in Chicago, she has since lived in Iowa, Oklahoma, UK, Michigan, and NYC.  I first met Zoey at the Keystone Conference in 2012, where she was the guest of my dear sister Lisa Empanada.

Me, Zoey, and Lisa.  Keystone 2012

I thought she was a lot of fun.  Last fall, when Linda and I were all but on the street as we were out of money, Zoey contacted me.  She wanted to move back east from Iowa, and had heard we needed a roomie.  And so she came to the Philly suburbs.

I don't know as much about Zoey as I do about Linda.  I know she's whip smart, and an amazing writer.  She has an MFA in theater, and she occasionally will quote Shakespearean soliloquies from memory.  She has wonderful stories from her time on stage, some which leave Linda and I in stitches,  Zoey also has introduced Linda and myself to many movies we'd never seen, and her commentary about the acting styles and cinematography has added tremendously to the experience.  Lately, she has started cooking as a hobby, much to everyone's benefit.

Zoey doesn't get out much due to a stage related injury which limits her mobility, but I hope to introduce her to more of the TG scene here in greater Philly.  She is a great person and I owe her a lot.  Without her, Linda and I would be homeless.  But most important, she is my friend.

And so we live together- three trans women.  I won't say all is wine and roses.  We have conflicts and can get on each others' nerves as any roomies will do.  We each have our faults and foibles.  But, to date, we've always been able to sit down and sort them out.  There are three strong personalities living in this apartment, each as stubborn as the other.  Add to that there's three of us and only one bathroom.

All that said, I'm pretty lucky: I've found two roomies who can put up with me.  I'm grateful.

Last Saturday after a long day at work

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