Friday, April 18, 2014

Where Have I Been?

Sorry to have been away, folks.

MIL is away this week, so the time I usually have to type has been taken up with seeing my daughter among other things.

Yes, I still owe you the rest of my Keystone Conference experience, and you will get it.  I also want to tell you about Wife and Daughter meeting Me for the first time.

Yes, it happened!

I also owe my editor an article for TG Forum.

So I WILL get to all of this!  I promise!  But for tonight, I will see my daughter, Wife, and dog again.  I will live life instead of just writing about it.

BTW: Tonight Wife and I are going to do our "Easter ritual" watching of the Ten Commandants.  21 years and we haven't missed yet!  :)

Last Saturday: GNO with coworkers.  Yes, I'll write about that too


  1. Sophie -

    A while back, I asked you what you wanted most, and you replied - to be a woman. Now, you are living life as a woman, and being female doesn't have any more of the answers as it did when you lived as a male. What is different is the attitude being female is allowing you to take - you are more relaxed in your own skin, and well on the way to LIVING LIFE as you were always meant to do....

    Good luck with Wife and Daughter.... They are good people, and are probably suffering because of MIL. It's going to be a lot of work to maintain your relationship with them - but you have the key ingredients for a healthy relationship....


  2. That is a much better picture of you. Much more natural and less forced than the others with too much makeup. You look very nice in this picture.

  3. There are more important things in life than maintaining a blog!