Tuesday, January 7, 2014


I rang in 2014 among Friends.

Linda, me, Sandy, Jake, Hayden

I spent the last hours of 2013, then the first hour of 2014 at the Raven in New Hope, PA.  And, believe it or not, I didn't drink.

Really.  I swear.

I don't go out for New Years anymore.  As the ancient saying goes it's "Amateur night in Dixie." Every moron would be out on the roads driving drunk, and every cop on the payroll would be out waiting for them. 

I really didn't need the hassle or danger.  Been there; Done that.

But Sandy Empanada was coming north to go to the Raven.  And Linda Lewis was in town.  She is temporarily living in the same house as I am as she awaits her place in Florida to open.  She was willing to go out, and I wanted to introduce her around to the Trans Community.  That's one thing she didn't have in Saginaw, Michigan: a Community.  

I wanted to be there for Sandy.  So I went.  I asked Linda to do my makeup and hair, as I screwed up the chance I had at SCC.  And she generously agreed.  She taught me some techniques I never knew and a different way to do my wig.  She teased it up a bit- a bit more than my usual look, but it looked great!

And I received so many compliments all night.  

The Raven was crowded- not as crowded as during a Jen Bryant party, but still crowded.  Linda met many people of the Philly Trans scene.  And she danced the night away.  My knee still hurt from a bone bruise suffered in a work place accident a couple of weeks before, so I didn't dance much.

The clock counted down to the New Year and I almost cried.  (I discussed why here.)  But Time is unstopping and unstoppable.  It is now 2014.  

I hung around until the 1 AM buffet and sat with Sandy, Hayden, and others eating finger hoagies that were simply amazing.

Eventually the night was ending.  I was a little worried about the trip.  The night was VERY cold and I worried not only about the drunks, but also about ice.  But, with Linda happily tipsy in the passenger seat, we arrived back at the house without incident.

With Linda near the end of the Night

I down loaded the pictures from my camera and fell asleep after 3 AM.

Several of the ladies at the Raven discussed Resolutions.  I wrote once on TG Forum that I try to avoid resolutions.  But I made one last year, over Lisa's coffin, and let that be my 2014 Resolution.  I WILL be the Woman I was born to be.  This is the year I go Full time.  This year will be either a monumental success or a spectacular failure.  I can't see much in between, really.

But there's another component.  I'm remaking my entire life.  Completely.  So why not try to re-make my attitude as well.  My Dream is coming true- I will live my Truth.  So there's no need to be so pessimistic.  If I am Living my Dream, then I shall do so Happily... and positively.

Tall Order.

But I think I can do it.  it will be hard to change a lifetime of attitude, but if I can change my entire body, I can change my mind.  Right?

So welcome, 2014.  May you be a year that more than my Dreams come true, but many others' dreams as well!

Casual Look.  I did my own makeup

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  1. "But there's another component. I'm remaking my entire life. Completely. So why not try to re-make my attitude as well. My Dream is coming true- I will live my Truth. So there's no need to be so pessimistic. If I am Living my Dream, then I shall do so Happily... and positively. " Sophie, this is a wonderful mindset! I'm with you on this! Love ya! Ally