Monday, February 18, 2013

A Weekend of Twenty 9 and Buds

Another weekend has come and gone.  But this weekend was my weekend out.

Money has been tight lately.  I've been trying to save money for Keystone Conference and to restock my savings.  However, life keeps getting in the way- life and my own dumb mistakes.

In any case, Saturday was cloudy with flurries dancing about the windy sky. 

I couldn't really decide on an outfit.  I wasn't in the mood to wear red.  I hadn't worn my favorite purple sweater in forever, so I chose that.  I decided to wear jeggings with it.  What could be more common than a woman wearing jeans and a sweater on a cold night, right?  Exactly the point.

So I drove up to see Amanda Richards at True Colors.  She was booked solid all day.  I arrived a bit early and prepared.  Before changing, I took a couple of pictures of myself in drab. Then it was Sophie time! I couldn't choose between two pairs of jeggings, then when I settled on one, I had a little issue with something showing that I didn't want showing.

Once everything was where it needed to be, Amanda worked her magic.  Soon, I was looking in the mirror, brushing aside my long hair to put on my earrings.  I smiled at the woman in the mirror. I was Me again. 

Look Who it is!

While I was getting finished, Antoinette arrived for her appointment, followed quickly by Alexis.  I met Alexis the previous month, when she went out with her wife.  This time, she was going alone (and sharing my room at Motel 6) for the first time.  I gave her a packet of directions and her room key.

She needed directions as Laptop Lounge was going to be at a new place- the Twenty 9.  The building had been there for many many years.  When I was there last it was called the Boathouse, and it was known for its amazing wings.  And they WERE amazing! 

In any case, the last time I was there, I was working for a major investment firm.  My manager took the team out to lunch there- all eight of us.  She forgot to bring the company credit card, so I volunteered to put it on my credit card and fill out an expense report.  So they all went back to work while I paid the bill.  So I arrived back to work maybe five minutes late from lunch.  I was immediately called to the manager's cube, where she handed my a "written warning" for being late from lunch (first time ever) as well as various other unpardonable sins (including laughing too loud at the lunch that very day.)  Yes, she was that bad.  Eventually she went to Duke for her MBA. I could rant about her for hours.  Let's just say she was Romney in a skirt.

Anyway, it was my first time back since then. 

Before that, I stopped at Shangrila for a quick dinner.  I'd invited others to join me, but they couldn't.  So I went in alone and sat at the bar, had a screwdriver and Satay Chicken. When I was almost finished, a young family came in- dad, mom, infant- and sat at a table in the bar.  Dad went to the bar near me and asked the bartender to recommend an Asian beer.  Bartender couldn't as he only drinks sake.  I turned and (using my best feminine voice) recommended Tsing Tao.  The guy turned, looked at me and his face twisted in disgust.  Not at the beer.

That was the only strange look I received all night.


From there, I went to Renaissance, where we had several new people attend.  I'm always happy to see new people.  It means more people are coping with This.

Afterwards, I was off to Twenty 9.

If you'd told me that day that the next time I'd be in that building, I'd be dressed as a woman, I would've wondered what drugs you were on, and why you weren't sharing.  But there I was- and happy to be out as my true self.

The party was in the downstairs bar.  We had it to ourselves.  There was a dance floor, two pool tables, and a bar all for us.  Quite nice!  And there were several other new people in attendance as well. 

With Kristyn, president of Renaissance, at Twenty 9

As the night went on, I met some of the new people, and spoke to Alexia quite a bit.  She is quite nice!  My friend Jamie was also there.  She is very slim and so pretty.  Meow.  She normally stays in the Lehigh Valley area, so seeing her was a rare treat.  Oh, and she mentioned that she reads this blog.  Never said she had taste.  ;)

Eventually the night ended, and I headed back to Motel 6.  Jamie also shared the room that night, and she arrived a little after I did.  Too soon, I was back in drab. 

I carried my things to my car and decided to wait a little before heading out- just to be sure.  So back to the room for a quick nap.  Then home in the dead of night.

Monday arrived, and I went to therapy, as I had off of one of my jobs.  After that, I went to lunch with my "Big Sis" Mel.  As always, we discussed many things, including a brief review of the weekend activities as she couldn't make it to the party.

After a pleasant lunch, we were walking to our cars in the windy cold sunlight  She asked about how the hormones were affecting me, and if my skin had softened yet.  I said "no" to that, but I noticed pressure in my chest behind my nipples.  She said that I was "budding" and that was the beginning of breast growth.  She laughed.

"You can still stop taking them [the hormones] you know.  It isn't too late."

I smiled at her and said "No, I can't stop now.  I'm on my way."


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  1. Have you ever tried getting a makeover from a MAC or Sephora store? They can make you look glamorous like Amanda can but also give you instruction and sell you products that you can practice with at home. The big downside is the "sell you" part which can be expensive, but the makeovers are free and usually the minimum is quite low as well. And what they sell you usually lasts a good while. Good luck on everything!