Tuesday, February 28, 2012

So How was the Party?

Well I'm glad you asked, Kim!

I had a blast!

I worked until 2, then headed up to Amanda Richards to get my makeup done.  I wanted to look my best (and if they see me in Amanda makeup, they won't recognize me when I do my own.  Yes, that's convoluted reasoning but there it is.)

I finished up at Amanda's at around six.  One again, I was dressed as a super heroine.  This was the fifth time I've worn the outfit.  Yes, I get it cleaned.  I really enjoy it, and since I paid a lot to have it made, I want to make use of it.  That said, my coworkers won't see it again.

Mary Marvel flies again!

A quick aside- why Mary Marvel?  When I first approached the person who made it (the amazing Lorraine Anderson of "Occasional Woman"), I had several ideas.  I knew I wanted to be a super hero.  I narrowed it to a few: Mary Marvel, Power Girl, or Batgirl (the red headed one.)  Doing Power Girl represented many issues, chief among them my weight (I'd need to lose a LOT).  Batgirl?  The mask would've cost a lot.  Mary Marvel has many costume variations, so I chose a traditional 1940s look which would help with my size and be fun for Lorraine to make (so she told me.)  End tangent.

So where was I?  I arrived at the party after seven and quickly had a few drinks.  Many people were already there and had a good laugh.  Despite being in a skirt in front of them, I was totally at ease.  There were some looks and some comments, but nothing nasty. Well, one person said I made an ugly woman. I just didn't care what they thought.  It was a party after all.

The night went on, and people had more to drink. We toasted the Honoree with shots Glenmorangie and of Jaegermeister. Other people arrived.  Many took pictures (most of which I haven't seen.)  Many of us played a game kind of like $25,000 Pyramid (if any of you remember that.)

A coworker snapped this picture of me drinking

I was asked lots of questions, most of them having to do with what was I using for breasts.  Some were asking why I was dressed as a woman.  Many had no idea of who I was dressed as.  (Is there any way I can make that last sentence grammatically correct?) I smiled and answered many of the questions, but not all.  A girl has to keep some mystery after all. 

One woman was hitting on me... really hard.  "I think it's so cool that you can get in touch with your feminine side without the whole macho bullshit" she said as she caressed my arm.  Well, if you want to know the truth...

Much later in the night, I was preparing to shower. That woman who I just mentioned dared me to change out of the costume, put on my street clothes, but keep on the bra, etc.  So I did.  That said, I DID remove the corset. 

Does this shirt make me look fat?

Later, I removed the wig and makeup.  I wasn't awake much longer, as I had drunk a lot, and it was 3 AM.  I crashed on an air mattress upstairs.  I am told the party lasted until around 6:30 AM. 

I woke up around 7:30 AM, and stepped over sleeping bodies to leave.  I went home and went back to bed.  At 4 PM, I was at work for another shift.

Fallout?  A lot of people asked about me wearing women's clothing AGAIN.  I pointed out that the costume cost money so I was going to wear it.  My manager said something like "You seem to be too comfortable wearing women's clothes."  (He wasn't there.)  I laughed and said there was nothing comfortable about it.

But there was.  I enjoyed being me, even if They didn't realize it.  Let them talk.  The most they can do is speculate.  Two years ago, the idea of them talking would've horrified me.  Now?  Who cares?  Is this growth? Indifference?

In any case, they've seen the last of Mary Marvel.  I have other costumes to wear, even if I want to be me: an Evil Queen, a Saint Pauli Girl...

... or maybe I'll try this:

Who knows?

What I do know is that I had a great time and that I managed to maybe educate some people.  Most important, our honoree, "E", had a blast and was sent off with style.


  1. Well, you had a good time and that IS what it is all about aint it? Yeah, I did the "drag" thing at a Halloween party once and got odd looks for at least three years after that. I KNEW it was a bad idea when I did it, but hey . . .
    I also know what you mean about the difference between how much you would have worried about it in the past, and how today you find it hard to find much "give a darn" about it. The older I get, the less I care. Of course the bad thing there is that sooner or later I'm probably gonna pay for that attitude! LOL

  2. How awesome is that you enjoyed being you! I'm glad you went and had a great time. Ummmm I'm not too sure on that last costume for the next party however :)

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