Saturday, February 25, 2012

Party tonight.

I'm going to a party tonight.  It's a co-worker's going away party... and I'm going as Sophie. 

My co-workers don't know about my feminine side. 

I have a co-worker leaving for Instanbul. (We'll call her E.)  She's moving there to be with her boyfriend who is teaching there for a couple years.  So tonight is her going away party.  As it's her party, she chose the theme.  She chose "Halloween."  Why?  because she hosted the Halloween party that no one came to due to snow.  (I wrote about that here)  So dammit, she wanted her Halloween party!  Oh, and E asked me to wear the same outfit.

Besides, E says "There are 3 things I won't be able to have in Turkey:  my friends, good beer, or being able to dress up in a costume."

Ok, so I'm going to this party.  Unlike last time, I didn't bust my ass for a month setting it up.  Nope.  I dropped off the bar and decorations last night as well as my stereo with appropriate tunes (I made a new 2 CD mix set for this party.)

But I will be there as Sophie.  And many coworkers will see me that way. 

My costume then and for tonight

To be fair, this will not be the first time.  I've been to two other parties as a woman.  The first was my "re-awakening" night back in 2008.  E even helped me choose the outfit.  I even went to the store.  The result?  A lot of laughs and, well, my re-awakening.

At work that fateful night

The following year, I did it again.  I dubbed myself "Monique" and again visited the store.  No one recognized me.  Can't imagine why.


Now it's party time again.  Last time they'll see Sophie unless they bump into me dressed.  And what would I do if they did?  I have no idea. 

But for tonight, I'll have a blast and send E off properly.  I will be staying over so I don't have to drive. 

Bon voyage, E.  May the four winds blow your safely home.


  1. "You are different and everybody around you knows that. You might say, my Wife doesn’t know, she just suspects. Or my Boss doesn’t know!!! They do!" From my Thursday Keynote @ Keystone