Friday, January 7, 2011

Femme Fever: the sequel

Yesterday I rented a car and drove to New York.  I headed down Long Island to the home of Karen, who runs Femme Fever.  I'd been there before over two years ago.  So much has changed!  (I reposted my blog from then so you can compare.  Aren't I nice?)

Picture from first visit

In two years I have grown tremendously.  While I still tremble every time I walk out the door, at least I get OUT that door.  I have spent time and money shaping my outside to look as feminine as I can.  I have made friends (and apparently an enemy but no one's perfect.)  So, after 2 years I returned to Karen. 

I really meant to get back sooner!  Honest!  It's a LONG trip though!

So I was 1/2 hour late due to traffic.  This time I brought my hips, my own corset and my boobs.  ;)  It didn't take me long to get ready, and Karen decided on a short stretchy skirt and nice top, tights and slingbacks.  We tried a few wigs, and started with this one:

Then this one:

I'm partial to the blond myself.  I was loving that skirt so we tried a different top:

Then a different outfit:

then another:

So Ok, I could post pics all day and that's what Flickr is for.  Right? 

It was a dream and the four hours flew by.  Karen said that I was so different, that when I was dressed I "came alive."

I came alive.

Is it because being Sophie IS becoming my life?  That without "her" my life would just be drab monotony?  Or worse?

Of course, being a woman isn't all just playing dress up.  Duh.  And to get there is an incredibly hard road.  Like many who walk this road, I have many hard decisions to make.  I am Sophie and she is me. 

It's the "she" part that makes it worthwhile and so so hard.  Now I must wait another two weeks to dress as Sophie again.  Two long, cold weeks.

I can't wait!

When I left Karen's I bought an anklet.  And that black skirt.  I loved it.  And every woman needs that one short black skirt, doesn't she?  ;)
PS: I'll be posting the pics at my flickr site:

PS2:  I will be presenting at the Keystone Conference!  More as this develops!

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