Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dinner meeting and meetings

So dinner out with friends is a time of celebration- of fellowship.  As humans we prefer to eat in groups (thank you sociology class!).  Dinner especially is a time when we gather to share stories of our day and make new memories.

Last weekend was my usual monthly Saturday out as Sophie.  I was invited to dinner... at a place that wasn't filled with TG people.  It would be our little group sitting in a restaurant full of people.  This place is a restaurant that I have patronized a few times as my drab self.  It's fairly good and fairly popular.  Cafe Winberie.

Knowing that I'd be going out, I was fairly nervous.  More than fairly- I was scared out of my mind!  Maybe it'd be best if I dress down and try to blend in?  Not me!  No, I had to dress like city slut come home!

So what do you think?

I love this LBD (little black dress) and decided to spice it up a bit with some red accents.  Normally this is a great club dress, but in a place where all the women were wearing sweaters, I stood out like... well like a crossdresser.  Go figure.  Anyway, as usual, I went to see Amanda Richards for a makeover and she did her usual wonderful work.

Smiles everyone!

Well, dinner went smoothly.  I didn't see anyone I knew at the place (which was a concern) and we sat in the back of the place near a large party and some other diners.  I noted some surprised and disgusted looks as we walked back to the table, but the hostess complimented my shoes!  :)  I was shaking in my pumps as we were led to the table, but kept my head high and mustered all the confidence I could.

The only unusual behavior I noted was the staff.  The guy waiting on us was prompt, respectful and efficient.  However, every other member of the staff were peeking around corners or walking by to get a look at us.  That includes the cooks.  I hope they liked what they saw!

Anyway, dinner was good and we left without incident.  It was a great time with my friends!  Somehow we neglected to take pictures.  How did that happen?

We missed the Renaissance meeting, but we managed to hang out there for a little.  While there I noticed something for the first time: someone staring at my breasts.  She simply was having a hard time making eye contact.  Dressed as I was, I can't complain, and I had in the past noticed glances from people.  But this girl was hypnotised.  Amusing.  :)

Off to Blue Pacific for Angela's Laptop Lounge!  There I was more in my element- among other gurls.  I met my "big sister" Mel there and had fun.  My friend Vanessa attended for the first time in seven months.  Soon, the amazing  Donna Rose arrived and added to the party.  She told us that Chloe Prince was also coming!  Chloe is one my trans-heroines.  She was on ABC-TV and runs Pink Essence

L to R: Chloe, Tina, me, Donna

I met Chloe and she was nice as can be imagined.  Even bought her a drink.  And she drank it!  She was in town to do an interview for Pink Essence.

In the end, I had a wonderful time.  I met someone I admire and didn't make an ass of myself.  In fact, it was a mellow time.  I didn't drink too much and all too soon was back at the motel facing that dreaded shower that ends my woman time.  Back to drab for another month.  These months are becoming excruciating- I need more time as Sophie.  Is my feminine side trying to tell me something?

Oh, for dinner? I had chicken.  Breast. 

As always, you can see more pics at my flickr page:

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