Friday, June 8, 2018

Last Night's Episode Of

Dear readers, welcome to last night's episode of

Sophie's Nightmares

the continuing nightly series of vignettes that await me every time I lay down to sleep.

Last night's episode requires a bit of review.  My Wife has two younger brothers (she's the eldest sibling.)  The middle one works for the Fed, and is a member of Opus Dei.  He has 5 kids, and is arch conservative.  Call him "Mid." He thinks catholic schools are too liberal.  The youngest is a veterinarian.  He's married to a gynecologist who he met in grad school.  He has four kids, all boys, and is, as I write this, visiting his mother.  Which means he's about a mile from here, and my daughter is happily playing with her cousins.  The youngest used to be middle of the road in politics, but headed to the Right when he got money.  Call him "Y."

Neither of these guys has laid eyes on me since my transition (although they know about this blog.)  I understand that their children do not know about my transition- that they were told I just hate them, and that's why they haven't seen me in almost five years. 

Last Sunday at a Pride Gala

Got all that?

Last night's episode:

I was sitting at the table, tapping away at the computer, when I received a text from Y, asking me if he could come to my apartment.  I always liked Y, so sure.  Suddenly, he's at the door (dream, remember?)  I let him in.  He's dressed in a t-shirt and shorts, and carried a large manila envelope. 

I invited him in, and offered him something to drink.  We sat at a conference table (that I don't have) and he said that he had a proposition for me.

He and his older brother (Mid) have agreed to 100% fund any and all transition surgeries I want.  With any doctor anywhere.  In addition to that, they will give me, tax free, a savings account containing $100,000.  He pushed the manila envelope across the table toward me.

In exchange for their "generosity,"  I am to have ZERO contact with their sister (my Wife) or "her daughter" (my daughter) for the rest of my natural life.  To me, they would not exist.  And, were I to accept this deal and were to break it, the consequence would be my immediate death.  "With extreme prejudice" Y said with a smile.

I was angry.  I told him that there was no way I would ever accept this kind of offer- that Wife and Daughter were beyond price.  He then stated, matter of factly, that I was mistaken- that this wasn't something for which I had an option.

At that point, he placed a pistol on the table, wrapped in plastic.  He then pointed an identical pistol at me and said "everyone knows you're suicidal..."

That's when Linda woke me up to take her to work.

People wonder why I have Insomnia.

Tune in tonight for the next episode of Sophie's Nightmares, coming to a sleep near me. 


  1. I thought that the movie "Sohpie's Choice" was already made. This sounds like a tough sequel.

  2. Sophie -

    Hopefully, your nightmares will quickly turn into sweet dreams.


  3. I have NEVER had a good dream but that one was bad even by my reckoning!

    How ever did we get to the point where all the power lies with those who base their whole life on belief of fantasy beings and feel that they can denounce everyone else!?

    What is it they write on US banknotes? "in fantasy beings we put all our trust"?