Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Valentine 18

I started writing this entry on February 14, 2018- Valentines Day.  (VD)

I've written before about my opinion of this Hallmark holiday.  Not a fan.  For one, it's amateur night at restaurants.  Everyone who never goes out goes to restaurants, runs the server like a slave, and doesn't tip.  It's crowded, loud, and the cooks are overworked.  THE worst night to go out to dinner of the year.

February 13, 2017- backstage at Vagina Monologues

I'm lucky.  Wife doesn't care for Hallmark holidays.  She doesn't like getting gifts.  She sees VD as a waste.  I agree- I showed her my love 365 days a year- I didn't need a special day for it.  Yes, we would do a VD dinner, usually several days before.  It was far more sane.

As it stands, this year will be our 25th wedding anniversary.  We have been separated since I was thrown out by her mother in August 2013, but we are still married.  Still, we have lived apart for over four years.

Today, Wife felt sick, and called out of work.  I had things to do (like applying for jobs- I was fired the day before) but when I finished, I called her.  You see, her mother is away for the week.  I suggested that we watch a "grown up movie" before Daughter came home from school.  By "grown up," I mean a movie that we enjoy that has language or situations that our daughter is too young to see yet.

I chose Airplane, and went over.

And so I sat on the couch.  Wife lay on the couch, her feet in my lap.  She hadn't seen that movie since before Daughter was born (ten years) and we both enjoyed it.

Then, as the movie ended, Daughter returned from school.

And that, dear reader, was my Valentine's Day.  I am now back at my apartment.  Linda, my roomie and bestie, just made dinner.

Just another day.


  1. It is so good that you can still enjoy a time like this together, despite all your problems.

    Like you am still married, it was out silver wedding last year and we both ended up spending the night alone at our respective homes. I should have had the nerve to call!

  2. Sophie:

    I'm saddened to hear that you lost your job. Trust you'll share the details someday. And I hope the old adage that "when one door closes, another door opens" plays well for you. You deserve better than your old job. On behalf of your extended family of friends, we're all pulling for you.

    Kind regards,

    1. I'll be writing about how I feel about it in my TG Forum column on Monday

  3. Just heard the bad news about you and B&N. The place is worse off without you and Greg. If you have an email address for Greg, please let me know (I have no Facebook account).

    1. I don't have it. We never spoke outside of work. I will be discussing how the events made me feel in Monday's TG Forum column

    2. OK, thanks. Give me your email address, though, please. Mine is