Monday, July 18, 2016


I miss Gaming.

I miss rolling dice.  Moving counters (or models.)  I miss being with friends for a night spent in our imaginations.

I played Hobby games from Junior High until 2003, when Games Workshop and I parted ways. For 13 years, I worked in the gaming industry (Chessex, TSR, GW). I've played board games with friends a few times since. But those friends seem far flung now.
Now, I have no one left to play with.
Play. Such a simple word. Such a simple thing. My daughter lives to play. And I can't do it any more.
You'd think after the way I grew up, isolated and alone, that I'd be used to that.
I never got used to it.
My scars are many and deep.
And I don't play any more.

Counters. Avalon Hill's Squad Leader.


  1. I bought the 5th edition D&D books because I just miss tabletop gaming. The camaraderie, the plans, the rules lawyering, the combats, just the adventures of a shared fantasy for a night every other week. It was such a big part of my life once, and I really miss it. And none of my efforts to make it happen have been successful so far.

    But I'ma make it work. Somehow.

  2. I miss the social aspect of gaming, especially since a lot of my entertainment activities tend to be solitary. Though I've rose-colored glasses for it...I remember all the clever planning, role-playing, storytellig, and improvisation, but I've largely expunged memories of the tedious rules lawyering and stupid, pointless arguments. Those I don't miss. I think I've sublimated a lot of the stuff I enjoyed into my writing, but admittedly it's not the most social of activities..