Saturday, February 13, 2016

Valentine's Vignettes

I've had a couple of good days with Wife and Daughter.

First, yesterday, I was sent home from work early due to having lost my voice.  I know that doesn't sound good, and it wasn't.  However, it allowed me to go to my Daughter's parent-teacher conference.  So I went to the conference sans voice.

It was a great experience.  But among the best parts is that when we entered the room.  Wife entered fi, and introduced herself to the teacher.  She turned and introduced me:  "This is Sophie."  I then greeted her and whispered that I am trans.  And we went on with the conference.

But this was very significant.  This was the First Time Wife introduced me as Sophie.  I was glowing.

After the conference, I drove down to Philly to attend Jennifer Finney Boylan's reading at St. Joseph's University.  I'll write about that more soon.


Wife and I went to dinner tonight for Valentines Day at Iron Hill Brewing Company in Phoenixville, PA.  The waitress came over to the table and greeted us "hello ladies!"  I felt good inside.  My daughter tapped the waitress he elbow, smiled, and said, quietly, "My daddy is transgender."

I didn't hear her, but Wife did.  She then told me what Daughter said.  I laughed, and told Daughter that she really didn't need to tell complete strangers about my being trans.  We agreed that it would be "our little secret."

I couldn't stop smiling!

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  1. This is one of my favorite entries that you've shared Sophie �� Love seeing you, wife and daughter sharing special moments. �� Have a super weekend - feel better!