Monday, February 22, 2016

Pennies in a Fountain

Last Saturday, February 19, I was able to see my Wife and daughter for a bit.  I even saw my sixteen year old puppy, Nittany!

We went to the King of Prussia Mall, as Wife needed a clear cover for her new phone's screen.  The kiosk that sold them is near a fountain in the center of the mall.  Daughter loves this fountain, so while Wife was getting the phone sorted, I followed Daughter to the fountain, and dug out some change from my change purse so she could toss it in.  I then sat down on the broad ledge of the fountain, as I was a bit tired.  I also dug some change out for myself.

I guess I'm sentimental, but I love making wishes while tossing coins into a fountain.  For years, i wished I could be a complete woman.  I wished for a healthy baby.  I still wish for my daughter's health and success.  And I taught my daughter to make wishes too.

But she hasn't quite gotten the hang of it.  You see, she always tells me what she wished for, despite me saying that you should keep your wish secret- in your heart.

I sat and watched her toss a penny into the fountain.  She turned to me and said:

"Daddy, I wished that you could come home and we could be a family again."

I instantly felt tears well in my eyes.

I mustered the best smile I could with my shattered heart and replied to her, quietly, "Yes, that would be wonderful.  I wish for that too."

 Same Day, Hours later

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  1. Sophie:

    I wish for that too . . . anything to ease that pain for you.