Wednesday, October 22, 2014

On This Harvest Moon: Six Years

Halloween approaches!  And I finally have some time to type some thoughts.  I've been rather busy,

Halloween, as I've often said, is my favorite holiday.  It's also my "birthday"- the anniversary of the night I dressed as a woman for the first time in decades.

Halloween 2008.  My Wife saw me that night: she was Clark Kent to my Lois Lane.  My friend Dawn did my makeup.  I didn't know that this innocent costume would break open a long scabbed over wound.  I sort of wondered if it would though.  I wondered if I had the strength to keep it down.  I figured I did- after all, I'd kept it down and deeply buried for over twenty years at that point.  My coworkers saw me that night.  My costume was a hit.

Halloween 2008, a previously "unpublished" photo

My Breasts for Halloween 08 were birdseed in pantyhose

We all know what happened.  I didn't have the strength to stop my feminine side again.  And a little more than a month later, I was Sophie.

The following Halloween (2009) was a party co-hosted by myself and my friend M.  That year, I had purchased breast forms, hip pads, a custom corset, and breasts from Proactive Prosthetics arrived.  I had my ears pierced.  I had my eyebrows waxed.  I also learned about the genius of Amanda Richards.  So for the Halloween party, I again went as a woman, but this time with a little more polish.  For the party, I called myself Monique.


And I also attended the Henri David Ball in a costume made for me by Lorraine Anderson of Occasional Woman.  

Mary Marvel

Another year passed.  I gained experience doing my own makeup and with wardrobe choices.  For the "work" Halloween Party 2010, I went as God's gift to women- I wrapped myself in wrapping paper.  I was hoping to throw off suspicions that I was a crossdresser.  It seemed to work.  However, for the Laptop Lounge Halloween Party (and for a friend's Halloween party) I again went with Mary Marvel.  This time I visited a bar alone, and also visited a comic shop before going to the party.

"God's Gift to Women"

At the Comic book store.  They recognized me immediately.

But for Henri David the following night, I wore another Lorraine Anderson creation: a St. Pauli Girl.  That night was ruined by someone who did her best to get me angry.  

Want a Beer?

Halloween 2011 was an odd one.  Again, I co-hosted the Halloween Party.  But this time, it snowed heavily the night of the party, so few showed up.  I wore Mary Marvel that night (and for the subsequent "make up" party the following February.  It was my co-workers first time seeing that costume.  

At the "work" party

For Laptop Lounge and the soon to follow Beauty and the Beach costume contest, I wore another Lorraine Anderson costume.  I was supposed to be an Evil Queen, but I had gained so much weight I thought I looked like a diva opera singer.  The costume was beautiful though.  I didn't attend Henri David Ball that year, as I still had a bad taste in my mouth from the year before.

Want an apple, Snow White?

 Halloween 2012 I wore the same outfit to the work party as to the Henri David ball.  I bought the outfit from the Pyramid Collection catalog, but Lorraine Anderson did many modifications to it, as it didn't quite fit.  I love this costume.  As can be imagined, tongues were beginning to wag about my going as a woman yet again.  Two months after this, I was on hormones.


Halloween 2013 was rather somber.  In the two months prior to this, I'd been thrown out of my MIL's house, was living with a friend, and had lost one of my best friends to suicide.  Yet I cohosted a sparsely attended party anyway.  I wore Mary Marvel again.  I got very drunk very quickly.  However, I wore a new costume to Henri David ball.  This was another Lorraine Anderson creation: a Flameco Dancer.  And for the first time on Halloween, I did my own makeup.  By that time, I'd stopped wearing forms and was sporting my own breasts. 


Now it's Halloween 2014.  It will be six years since my re-awakening.  My life is completely different than the one I had on Halloween 2008.  What am I wearing for Halloween?  Well, for the Laptop Pre-Halloween party, I revisited the St. Pauli Girl- this time without the prosthetic.  On Halloween night, I plan to be in Baltimore dressed as Mary Marvel (after which I'll probably retire that costume.)  But for the two parties on Saturday Nov 1?   

Can I get you anything?

That would be telling.

On this Harvest Moon, I reflect upon my life as is was and as it is.  And I wonder where the road will take me in this next year.  I now have 111 followers, and I hope that whatever happens will be compelling enough to keep you reading.  As I really do appreciate you all.

I wish you all the best Saim Hann (if that's your way) and the happiest of Halloweens!

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