Friday, October 10, 2014

Early October; Kim and Zoey

October is here!  Yay?  Well, this month has my favorite holiday as well as the birthdays of Wife and Daughter.  It also has pumpkin pie and Penn State football.  (PSU is 4-1 if anyone cares.)

Two major events happened this week.  Yes, already.

The first was that Linda Lewis and I now have a room mate.  Yes there are now three of us in this apartment.  The new roomie is named Zoey, and she came here from Iowa.  She is an actress by trade and also a freelance writer.  I've only ever read one thing she's written but I liked it.  More on her in later entries.  In any case, it's nice not having to pay all that extra rent.

I also had dinner with Kimberly Huddle last Saturday.  For those who don't know, Kimberly has her own blog in which she writes brilliantly about travelling the country cross-dressed.  She was making a rare trip to Philadelphia, and invited Linda, Zoey and I to dinner (though Zoey couldn't make it.  My fault there.)

We met at one of my usual haunts: Rock Bottom at the King of Prussia Mall.  I had to work, so I was the last to arrive.  Linda and Kim were seated near the back.  I saw Linda first as I approached the table, then I saw Kim, smiling brighter than the sun.  She was wearing a red orange top, slacks (!), and her trademark flip hairstyle.  Two amazing women at the same table.  I felt very privileged to be joining them.

We sat and talked for a while about travelling, about Linda and I's current living situation and about our mutual jobs.  Kim spoke about her trip out here and we talked a little about our blogs.  It was loud in there, but not so loud that we couldn't hear each other talk.  Close, but not quite.  As always, Kim had Linda and I laughing so hard with her understated "down home" sense of humor and the absurd.

They ate Mac and Cheese dishes.  I had German sausages.  And beer.  Why not?  It was good, but I didn't like the boiled red cabbage.

After dinner we all had a glass of wine.  We asked the waiter to take some pictures, which he did, starting with a selfie (see Kim's blog for that pic.)  He took several pictures with my camera and hers. I think the pic from her camera is the best, and she posted it on her blog.  Of the ones on my camera, the best one is below, after a little cropping by Linda.

Kim had an early morning the next day, so the night ended far too soon.  As I was exhausted (and broke) I headed back to the apartment.

It's always wonderful to see Kim.  It's such a rarity, and always a treat.  If you haven't read her blog, you're missing out.  This chick is the definition of Guts.  She does what so many of us wish we could do (at least I did before I went FT) and in doing so she is an inspiration to so many people.  Her bravery, beauty and poise continues to inspire me.

So I had dinner with two of my inspirations.  Yes, I know how lucky I am.  And when I'm feeling down, I remember times like this, and it helps me remember how fortunate I really am.  I'm living the dream- I'm full time.  I'm paying the price, but still...

Thanks to Kim and Linda for a wonderful night.

And welcome to Zoey!  It's going to be a wild ride!

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  1. Even though y'all were pictured with wine, I knew beer had to be involved somehow. Glad things are looking a little better and you are having some good times..:)