Monday, May 26, 2014

Two Months Full Time

Today, May 25, 2014, marks two months since going full time.  I worked today, and reflected on a few things.

Things I still DON'T take for Granted
(in no particular order)

1)  Being Employed
So many of us aren't and, being trans, I could be fired at any time.  Legally.  I am so very fortunate to have so many people that support me and accept me at work.

2)  Wife and Daughter
Enough said.

3)  M
Her generosity in allowing me to stay with her all these months.  My time with her maybe be coming to a close, but I owe her a debt I can never ever repay in my life time.

4)  The Community
I wouldn't be here if not for my Trans sisters and brothers.

Julie, Me, Katie, Linda

5)  Friends
Having grown up with few, I understand what it means to be alone.  Having friends is a Blessing, and my friends that remain mean the world to me.  I lost several when I came out.  I'll miss them, but they made that choice, so I won't cry over them.  Speaking of which...

Sandy, John, Me, Linda

6)  Crying
As a guy, I never allowed myself to cry.  It can be so very cleansing.  I cry with some frequency now.

7)  Breasts
I've been very lucky that I have them.  They are a dream come true.  I'm still amazed seeing them when I look down and knowing they are a part of me.  That my flesh fills the cups of my bra.  I am blessed.

8)  Family
So many of us lose our family when we transition.  I haven't.  In fact, we're closer than ever.  We still have a long road, but we're finally on it.

9)  Life
Having fought the Darkness and come so very close to losing, the mere fact I'm here is something I will never take for granted.  Especially when so many of us are lost to the Darkness.  Like dear Lisa.


10)  Readers
I write this blog mostly for me. Therapy?  Writing practice?  Vanity?  All of the above?  In any case, the fact that I have 97 subscribers blows my mind and humbles me.  Thanks to the 97 and to all of my readers.  Seriously.  Especially those who comment.

11)  Gifts
In most things I am very self depreciating (seriously.)   One thing I acknowledge is my writing ability.  So many people have complimented me on it that it can't be a coincidence.  I know I can do this and do it well.  Someday I'd love to make a living from it.

12) Nittany
My dog, who is now 14 years old.  I miss her.  I can only see her when MIL is away, so my opportunities are few.  But she is a wonderful and loyal friend.


That's all I came up with today so far.  I'm sure I can think of more.  Maybe I will.  In any case, a Dozen should be enough for now.

What do YOU not take for granted?

First Day of Work as a Woman

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