Friday, May 23, 2014

May Journies

Being mostly broke has some major disadvantages.  However, having friends does not.

Linda and I have to be out of our current residence soon as the place is going up for sale.  M has been more than generous to us.  But time is running out.  I've been apartment hunting like crazy, but things kept falling through.  However it looks like that may be changing.

In any case, all work and no play makes Sophie a dull girl.  Recently, on Wednesday May 7, I was visited by my dear friend Tammy Matthews who is from North Carolina.  She also has a wonderful blog you can see HERE.

I wanted to show her Philly.  First stop was lunch.  Hmmm what to get?

Provolone wit'

Yum!  Tammy loves Jim's

Well, Duh!  It had to be a cheesesteak.  I chose Jim's Steaks so I could show her and Linda Lewis around South Street, which has for many years been the "fun alternative" street in Philly.

After lunch, we walked to our next location.  A couple of blocks away, next to the legendary rock club JC Dobbs (launch place of many famous Philly bands), is Jon's Bar and Grille.  It is in the building where Larry Fine of the Three Stooges was born.

Picture courtesy Jon's Bar

Tammy, Linda, Me pose in front of the Three Stooges.

A drink there, then to the new Cavanaughs, which USED to be the Dickens Inn, owned by the great grandson of Charles Dickens.  We had a drink there as well.  Tammy took many pictures.  I took some as well.

At Cavanaughs

From there we left the city, passing the Art Museum and the Rocky statue, and we drove around Valley Forge Park.  We made two stops as it had started raining: the Von Steuben statue and a log cabin.

That night, we had dinner at McKenzies.  We had some drinks, and Tammy had more than the rest.  We won a free pitcher of beer playing music trivia.

Tammy with Valerie, our heroine!

Near the end of the night, our waitress, Valerie, was called over to a neighboring table where three older businessman types were seated.  They asked her to sit, and she did, hoping for a better tip.  They then asked her "That table over there [us] are they men or women?"  Valerie answered "women."  The guy then asked "Do they have penises?"  Val answered "THEY are my regular customers.  YOU are not" and stood up.  Not long after, the men cashed out and left.  We thanked Valerie profusely when she told us the story.  Linda had heard part of the exchange, but Valerie filled in the rest.

So thank you VERY much Valerie!!!

After a bit, the night ended and we poured Tammy back into her hotel room.  I had a wonderful time with her and Linda, showing off just a little of Philadelphia.

Sunday May 18 Linda and I went to Baltimore.  She'd never been there, and I wanted to see Sandy Empanada.  I'd saved a little money to make this trip by not eating out all week.  We met Sandy at the home Lisa rebuilt for her.  Sandy showed Linda around as I spoke to Hayden, who was also visiting.  Eventually, we went to Canton Dockside, where we sat outside on a beautiful day.  This was the same place we ate on the day of Lisa's funeral.

Linda takes a picture of Hayden taking pictures

the Amazing Sandy Empanada

We enjoyed a wonderful meal, and Linda finally had Baltimore seafood.  Linda loves seafood, but I don't.  I had a wonderful Buffalo Chicken sandwich.  We took some pictures nearby, then Sandy took Hayden to the bus stop while I took Linda to the Inner harbor, where we walked around.

At Inner harbor with Linda

Tir Na Nog

Eventually, Sandy and John (her uncle) joined us and we had a drink at an Irish bar in one of the pavilions: Tir Na Nog.  Linda and I were tired, so we left soon after, especially as we had one more stop.

Linda and I stopped at Red Brick Station, which used to my favorite haunt when I lived in Baltimore.  Linda and I stopped there for a drink.  So we sat down and were waiting for service when the bartender knocked some glasses over in front of me, shattering one on the copper topped bar.  I was partially covered with glass, especially on my denim skirt.  The bartender was extremely apologetic, and bought us our round of beer.  We had that round and I had a coke, then we hit the road as the sun set.

Tired at Red brick

Due to traffic, the normally ninety minute drive lasted nearly four hours.

So why did I tell this particular story?  Why do I think anyone would care about either of these adventures?  Well, I have two points.  No they aren't horns.  The first is that Friends are so hard to find that seeing them is a priority.  Tammy is an amazing person, and spending time with her is rare, so I wanted to make it special for her.  I never see Sandy enough, and she is so special.  Also, Linda is here and I love expanding her East Coast experiences.  She is a fantastic friend, and I don't know how long she will be here before she moves to Florida as was the original plan.  I am enjoying having her around.  Not only is she fun, but she's taught me so much.

The second is to thank both Tammy and Sandy.  Neither would let me pay for meals as they want me to save the money for the apartment (and I have.)  They care.  They WANT me to succeed, live and thrive.  So here, publicly, I thank them again for their generosity.  And for being a part of my life.

And thank YOU, dear reader, for joining me on this journey!


  1. Wow, I had forgotten about the guy's comments at McKenzie's, that Valerie brought to our attention. Sometimes drinking a little too much on vacation has it's advantages. I haven't forgotten what an awesome day I had with you and Linda and it was special day for me in many ways, seeing the city of Philadelphia being one of them, as well as spending quality time with some fun sisters! You are an excellent tour guide and friend, as well as an inspiration to the writer in me. My only regret on this whole awesome trip was not getting the makeup lesson with Linda but that will give me added incentive to visit again as soon as I can. I/we Do want you to succeed but I know you will and so do you! I just hope that both you and Linda can get over this hiccup and get your living situations straight, but it looks as if that's already happening! Hugs

  2. Sophie, you have the greatest wealth of all... if I may make a slight adjustment to the closing lines to "Its A Wonderful Life..." Here's to Sophie, the richest lady of all!!

    Diana Lynn Langton