Thursday, April 21, 2011

Big Sister


Just a quick post.  I haven't dressed since you last heard from me, that is until today.  Today I HAD to do something for my girl side, so I went shopping.

First to MAC, where I bought new eyeliner and some eyeshadow.  My old eyeliner made my eyes water and it wasn't waterproof, which wasn't a good combination.

Then to JC Pennys, where I bought a scoop neck top.  Pink.  It's cut low enough to show some cleavage.  ;)  So I came home and tried on the top with my white peasant skirt and flats.  Oh how I missed being properly dressed!

So why am I bothering?  I have a dinner invite!  Sophie does, not my guy self.  You see, my "big sister" in this thing, Mel, has invited me to a "casual" dinner Saturday night.  I am to come early so I can change and properly make myself up.  There probably will be others there as well.

Having a Big Sister is a tremendous help.  She transitioned years ago, and knows the pitfalls.  She also seems to know EVERYONE (even you, Chloe!)  ;) so I am getting introduced to people who I otherwise wouldn't have the guts to speak with.  If nothing else, it's nice to speak to someone who understands this mess in my head. 

Lately all I can think about is how life would be like being Sophie full time.  I may have a way to make sure I have a job through it- I'm looking at buying a bar.  That way, I'm SURE the boss won't mind if I change.  More on that if it develops.  Let's face it, my life as it is really is no picnic, and I KNOW life as Sophie would be harder... but would bring my mind and soul peace.  It comes down to guts.  Do I have the guts to be happy? 

Or should I just keep things status quo and be Sophie when I can, hiding behind an aging shell? 

No answers, but then we come to the best part of a Big Sis: hugs.  This situation means I need a lot of them.

And may you find the Hugs when you need them as well!

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