Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Birthright Perspective

I was speaking with a coworker today.  She is graduating from Rosemont college with a Masters in Publishing.  She told me that the customer I just served was a Rosemont student- going for an MA in Creative Writing.  My coworker had heard this person, who teaches English locally, read her final project.

It was titled "Calm Your Tits."  It was a comedic look on how boobs are a pain in the butt.  She said it was extremely funny.

I asked how boobs are a an impediment.  She said they get in the way, they make things more difficult to fit, guys stare at them, etc.

I smiled.

I see it as a difference in perspective.  

Women grow up knowing that someday, they will grow breasts.  They will eventually menstruate.  They could become mothers.  They know these things will happen, as these things are their birthright.  This is how the human female reaches adulthood.

And to some women, their breasts ARE an annoyance.

But to me, and transwomen like me, breasts are a Godsend.  When we are teens, we see the girls blossoming and feel left behind.  We spend our lives wanting- needing- wishing- that we had that which they take for granted:  Womanhood.  

I started hormones in December 2012.  As most people, I started on a low dose, but eventually increased it.  I had no idea how the hormones would affect me.  I mean, I had an idea- I know biology after all- but how would they affect me personally.

As it turns out, I hit the jackpot when it came to my chest.  Large breasts run down my matrilineal line.  I am lucky and I know it.

Yes, I'm a goofball

It's nice to have SOMETHING go right.

I waited my whole life for my breasts.  I never thought I'd have them.  I thank God that I lived to see the day!  Do they get in my way?  Not really.  Are they inconvenient?  If you mean having to wear a bra- oh darn!

There are many parts of womanhood I will never experience.  I can never give birth, as I don't have the equipment, and never will.  That means that everything associated with the female reproductive system is foreign to me- such as periods.  As I can't afford surgeries, I will never experience having female genitalia.  

I transitioned mid-life, so I will always, physically, walk between genders.  For me, womanhood is earned Every Single Day.  It is something for which  I strive.  

That gives me a different perspective.  

Not right or wrong- just different.

Be well!



  1. It's kinda like a Chinese restaurant -- pick some from column "A" & some from column "B""!!!

  2. Sophie -

    Don't give up on having female genitalia. Consider what insurance does and doesn't cover. Some companies cover the cost of GCS in their health insurance plans. (My old firm did.)

    Your issue now is finding ways of earning more money. You and Linda live a hand to mouth existence, and I would hope better than that for you soon. Once you can resolve that issue, GCS quickly becomes affordable.

    Do I sound overly optimistic? Maybe. But it's amazing how a little bit of money saved each week can add up.

    Good luck....


    1. Insurance... you mean that thing the GOP is stripping us of at this very moment?