Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Thoughts in the Night

When I turn out the light, I lay in a bed that is mine through charity.  It is a single bed, but plenty for just me.

In the night, across the room, my roomie and bestie sleeps in her bed, which is the same type as mine.  She sleeps quietly.  She does not snore.

It is after I turn out the light that the thoughts come.  My eyes adjust to the Darkness and I think of my Wife.

I think of how we will never again sleep in the same bed.  About how much I miss the scent of her hair as we lay together through the night; my arm around her.  How I will never feel the softness of her skin as she sleeps in my embrace.

I will never again here her murmur quietly in her sleep.

It has been over forty months since I was thrown out of the rooms we shared.  Thrown out because of who and what I am.  For my Truth.

True Pain is remembering every little detail of what you have lost.

And, in the Darkness, in the Night, I remember




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  1. why did wife let you get thrown out? sounds like MIL controls daughter or wife wants you to think that