Tuesday, January 24, 2017

For Lacey

Stef, dear friend and former coworker messaged me last night.  I'd had a rough night at work and was about to go to bed.  I haven't seen Stef in years, as she now lives across the country in Olympia, Washington.

"A thing happened to me at work today, and I thought it might cheer you up

my transitioning coworker was raving about this blog online that is helping her
and bits and pieces came through in details

until I was like, wait, is this a woman named Sophie??

and it was!

she is 22

and she loves your blog"

Picture by Samantha Riviera

I was seriously considering not posting any more entries.  After all, what good is it doing?  My energy and time could be spent writing to congressmen, senators, etc, to fight the dawning fascism.

Then Steph sent me this.

As I've written before, sometimes it takes a baseball bat to get through my Thick skull.

So Lacey, I'm so very glad I could help you.  I gave Steph my contact info if you ever want to get hold of me.  I wish you the best in living your Truth.  Here there be Monsters, but the journey is worth it!

Thank you so VERY much, Lacey, as you've given me renewed purpose!

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