Monday, August 29, 2016

Ally's, Parties, and Graves

On Friday, August 12th at 9 a.m, I headed South toward Richmond.  An hour into the trip, I figured out that I had forgotten my EZ Pass, which I need for tolls. So, at Wilmington Delaware I turned around travelled the hour back home picked up the EZ-Pass.

Had my roomie and bestie Linda been along, she would've reminded me to bring the damn thing.  However, she had to work, so I was going alone.

At 11 o'clock I was back on the road.  I did make one stop in Stafford, Virginia, where I saw my dear friend Kimberly Moore.  It's always a pleasure seeing her, even though she was in guy mode, which I don't believe she will be in for much longer.  In any case, she gave me some directions for a back road which cut over a half an hour off the trip, as  I-95 was like a parking lot.

The journey was not without tears.  Decades ago, not long after Wife and I were first married, we decided to take a week and travel the roads of Virginia on a Civil War tour.  We did it "seat of our pants" just a map, our Del Sol, and our credit cards.  It was one of the best vacations that I had in my life.  Not only was there a lot of history, but here I was with my fairly new Wife.  At that point, we were young; we were in love; and we were just traveling around for the hell of it.  It's times like these when I really think about all that I've given up; all that I've lost to be my True Self.

Near the end of that trip, we stopped at Kings Dominion, which is a large amusement park south of Fredericksburg and north of Richmond.  We spent the night there, and the next day did the park.  When I passed that park on this trip, I looked up, and that's what really reminded me of that trip.  I can't say I really liked Kings Dominion.  The only thing I remember about it is the water park. However it was a very large reminder of those times.  Wife and I are older now; grey is beginning to streak her hair, and we now have a child, but I do miss those times.  They will never be back, and that's there's nothing I can do about that, but I still cried about it.

After nine and a half hours on the road, I finally made it to Ally's,  and yes, I was exhausted but happy to be there.  It was wonderful seeing Ally and Jay.  They welcomed me with open arms, and gave me a quick drink.  Ally then told me that I had approximately ten minutes to change clothes and freshen up before we had to go to dinner.  That's not a lot of time.  It made me think it that it used to take me 2 hours to do my makeup, and it never even looked good back then.   Now I'm a lot faster at it, and I think it looks better, but is that practice or the hormones?  Or both?  In any case, I quickly threw on another dress, touched up my makeup, and we were out the door. We went to an upscale diner near Barcode: Tarrant's Cafe,  (Barcode being a bar that I've been to a few times.)  There we met a gay couple. Rather, I thought they were a couple, but they weren't: they were just a couple friends.  Dinner was wonderful.  I had a calzone.  I was very tired, so I my side of the conversation wasn't exactly sparkling.

At Barcode with the gorgeous Ally

After dinner, we went to Barcode.  As always at Barcode, everyone was extremely friendly.  Several people recognized me, and it was wonderful to see them again.  I sat down and had the first Long Island iced tea I had in a long time.  Ally, as usual, was buzzing around the place.  Everyone knew her and she knew everyone.  She was absolutely the life of the party!  I sat with Jay and listened to his friends talk.  I spoke a little bit as well, but in the end I was too tired to do anything.  I didn't even finish my drink before it was time to go.  Soon afterward returning to Ally's house, I was in bed and soon was asleep.

The next morning I slept in a little bit.  It was going to be a long day. Ally made us breakfast, and it was very good.  I usually don't have any breakfast, so it was a special treat for me.  After that, we sat around for a while and talked.  She showed me some of her new outfits.

We were going to go to a pool party.  I'd met the couple whose house we were going to, but I didn't realize how rich they were.  The house was absolutely gorgeous: it was a mansion!  I was completely overwhelmed by how wonderful it was!  When we arrived there were approximately ten people already in the pool.  It was a pool party, and I wore a bathing suit underneath my green sundress.  Everyone brought food except me, and I felt like an idiot.  And the food was absolutely wonderful!  I had a quick drink and sat in the shade, because I knew that if I stayed outside in the sun, I would FRY!  Eventually, I went into the water and had a little bit of a splash around.  Then I went to the Cabana, where Jay was sitting as well as a couple others.

Gorgeous Music Room 

Pool Scene 

Sophie Selfie

Inevitably discussion of politics came up.  The four people in the Cabana were all of the same mind; we all are scared to death of a Trump Victory.   We knew that would be the end of many things as we knew it, including any rights we have at this point.  Someone walked in that I hadn't seen- he was younger guy who I never met before, and he started pounding the Trump line, saying how immigrants were horrible.   "Immigrants were going to destroy this country, and then they would kill us long before Trump would have a chance to take away anything."

I turned and looked at him, and said "I am an immigrant.  Would you care to revise that statement?" He kept right on with it.  He said "Trump's wall is just a metaphor." I said "I know he wants to build a wall, and you'll notice that it's only on the southern border, not on the Northern border with Canada.  I wonder why that is?  It's a bigger border after all!"  I was beginning to get a little angry with him, because I could see right away that he didn't care about our rights- he only cared about keeping the people he didn't want (brown people) out of the country.  I repeated again that I was an immigrant, and he didn't even stop. Others intervened, so we agreed to disagree, and then I left the Cabana disgusted.

I went inside had a little more to eat, fix myself another drink.  I took off my green dress, tying it around my waist.  I eventually would ditch it on a chair along with my purse, and get into the pool.  The water felt wonderful, and everybody really was so welcoming.  Most of the people remembered me from previous parties, and it was wonderful to speak to them again.  Most of them are very accomplished men in their fields.  There were Judges, CEOs, etc, and they were all wonderful people.  It was like a little family of Their Own.  I was told that eventually everyone would probably be naked and having a good time.  The estate was big, and no one could see in.  However I didn't see any of it, really.  Well, not until we were ready to leave.  Rumors that I was topless are completely exaggerated.

We had a wonderful time, and eventually we got back on the road. Sunburnt and tired, we headed back to Ally and Jay's place.  When we arrived, I promptly went upstairs and took another nap.

I hate when sweat off all my makeup!  When I awoke, I had to start all over!

Ally and I then went to Babes of Carytown, a lesbian nightclub that we'd visited in previous trips.  It was empty at first, but filled up quickly.  While there, we bumped into a transwoman that neither of us had met before: Allison.  Allison is a gorgeous brunette whose wife knows about her feminine side.  She is so much fun!  Despite my weariness, she made me perk right up!

With Ally and Allison at Babes

Ally and I were both tired, and neither of us liked the music, so we left early.  We discussed music on the way back to her place, and how different it was when we were coming up.  I felt so old.

The next morning, I woke early, and Ally made me a fantastic breakfast.  I did a quick job on my makeup, and got on the road.  I had one stop I wanted to make: Hollywood Cemetery.

As I have written somewhere in this blog, I love cemeteries.  Hollywood Cemetery is a huge place overlooking the James River.  It holds the resting places of 2 US Presidents (James Monroe and John Tyler), as well as Jefferson Davis, 28 Confederate Generals, and over 18,000 Confederate soldiers.  So much history!

 Monument to Confederate Dead

 I was enchanted by this.

 The "Iron Dog" guards the grave of a child

Family Plot 

General JEB Stuart and Wife 

President James Monroe.  The "Birdcage" is away being restored 

Beautiful Sculpture 

River view 

President John Tyler 

Were you in artillery or are you just glad to see me?

I spent an hour or so touring the beautiful grounds, taking many pictures.  I had to cut short my visit though, as I received news that my Daughter, just back from Europe, was quite sick.  While I guessed exhaustion, I wanted to get home as fast as possible.

On the way home, I called my dear friend Jenny North.  I was supposed to visit her, but couldn't.  She and I spoke for over an hour about her latest story.  She is an incredible writer!

As I entered Maryland, I received a call saying Daughter was ok: it was Exhaustion.  I was very relieved!  It would still be another week before I saw her, though.

As I passed Baltimore, I stopped at the site of Lisa Empanada's death as I often do.  The field has been planted, but the rows avoid her "spot."  I stayed a little while, talking to her and crying.

"Lisa's Spot"

Eventually, I arrived home.  It was a wonderful weekend.  Seeing Ally and Jay is ALWAYS such a treat.  They are truly amazing people!  (I wish Linda could've come along, but maybe next time.)

So Ally, it's YOUR turn to visit Pennsylvania!  :)

Be Well!

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  1. You were such a welcomed sight here in Richmond! Thank you so much for sharing in my birthday celebration! Jay and I were honored to have you here. You have 'kissed' Richmond once again with your charm. Love you, girl! PS Next time definitely in Philly! <3 Missed you Linda!!

  2. For someone 2 weeks ago talking about lack of money, interesting how you can afford to take a trip like this. Interesting priorities

    1. I was waiting for this question. It's pretty simple. i sold some items on ebay for gas money. Ally paid for my meals. You see, to me, friends take priority over me.