Sunday, May 29, 2016

Letter to Congressman Ryan Costello (R), 6th district, PA

My congressman (Ryan Costello, R) sent an email with a survey about Transgender bathroom use.

Before, you get out the pitchforks and torches, I will point out that Congressman Costello was one of a VERY few republicans to break ranks with his party and vote FOR LGBT rights last week, in defiance of the FRC.
In light of this, I sent him a letter, which I have reproduced below.  And NO, I haven't been replaced by a pod person, nor did I send it under duress.

I did my absolute best to be civil and diplomatic.



Dear Congressman Costello,

My name is Sophie [Lynne], and I am one of your constituents.  I also happen to be transgender.  You may not realize it, but there are many transgender people in your district.  Why?  There are several doctors in the Philadelphia area that perform the surgeries that help us realize our dreams. 

Sir, I will be blunt.  You are a republican, and your party has done everything in its power to legally eradicate me and people like me.  From the resolution on Title IX (since removed from the GOP website), to your party declaring my life a "social experiment," all the GOP have done is put transgender people in danger.

Then I received your email survey about bathrooms, to which I responded.  I also noted that you voted FOR LGBT rights last week, breaking ranks with your party and the FRC.

Well done, sir!

It is for that reason that I am writing you.  You seem to have a more open mind than your fellow republicans.

I did not choose to be transgender.  Why would I choose to destroy my marriage , ruin my career, cause pain to my daughter, and put myself in a position to be hated and lose my civil rights?  Do I enjoy wearing a skirt THAT much?  The common sense answer is "Of course not." 

Sir, being Transgender is biological: there is an ever increasing volume of science to prove it.  I know that the concept is hard to understand.  Be GLAD you don't understand it.  To understand it is to live it, and the Pain is horrific.  Congressman, had I not transitioned, I would have taken my own life: the pain is THAT bad.

Transgender people have NEVER been arrested for sexually assaulting minors. On the other hand, since HB2 has been passed, over a dozen Republican legislators or Pastors have been arrested for that very thing.  Yet, it would be ridiculous to pass a law prohibiting THEIR bathroom use.  It's even more so to pass laws about mine.

Congressman, we can't help being transgender.  All we want to do in a public restroom is do our biological function, wash our hands, and leave- just like everyone else.  I look like the woman I am.  If I am forced to use a men's room, I could be assaulted or worse. 

Sir, I lecture about Transgender issues at Universities, such as Penn State and Villanova (in the fall, I will be speaking at UNC.)  If you wish to learn about transgender people, don't ask the FRC (an SPLC Hate Group)- ask one of us.  Have you ever knowingly met a Transgender person?  Have you sat down to speak to one?  We aren't contagious- we're just people, just like you.  If you'd like, I could speak to you and/or your staff, either here in PA or in Washington.  I'd welcome the opportunity.

Respectfully yours,

Sophie [Lynne]


  1. Sophie -

    Well said. Only the closing may have needed to be softened. I might have added one word: "If you wish to meet a transgender person.... (please) ask one of us.

    Great Job!!!!


  2. Sophie
    I am proud of you. It is nice to see you slowly weening yourself away from the "A" word. I do not mean an A followed by a repeated S. I mean the word "ALL".
    Just like all transgender folks differ the same can be said of Republicans. You would not have to look too long or too hard to find Republicans who share some of your view on certain subjects. In this case it was your very own Republican Congressman.

  3. Well done Sophie!

    Sharon Rose

  4. Sophie:

    You continue to amaze. Your well spoken, polite letter goes to the core (and heart) of the matter. I long for the day that the mainstream media pick up the true story, and true facts -- that trans people are not molesters, monsters, or demons unworthy of love and respect. Bringing enlightenment to any of the political ruling class is a good start.

    I hope you receive a favorable response.