Saturday, June 6, 2015

Daughter Reacts

I was going to post this on Facialbook, but decided to do it here instead.

I went to dinner with Wife and Daughter tonight.  (I spent the day at an air show with Linda Lewis, then the evening with them.)  I hadn't seen them in a week, nor spoken to Wife in a couple of days, due to our conflicting schedules.

"Fifi" the last flying B29 in the world

We had a wonderful dinner.  We talked about many things, including the fact that my daughter has now finished first grade.  She was so happy to be a "big" second grader!

So I asked Wife what her reaction was to the whole Caitlyn Jenner thing.  She shrugged.  Then she smiled slightly.

"[Daughter] and I saw it on the news.  They were talking about it and [Daughter] said "Just like daddy!"

I'm very proud of her.  She gets it!


  1. Sophie -

    "Just like Daddy!" She does get it! Too bad MIL never will. But be thankful for miracles like your daughter.


  2. Now that's a feel good moment. :)