Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Two Years of HRT

Two years ago today was a rainy, sleety day around the Philly area.  I didn't have my driver's licence as it had been suspended for DUI.  So my "Big Sister" Mel drove me into Philadelphia to the Mazzoni Center to get a prescription.

Estrogen and Spironolactone.

On the way back, we stopped at the California Pizza Kitchen for lunch.  I contemplated taking the pills in the restaurant but decided to wait until I read the accompanying literature.  So, after she dropped me back at MIL's house (I was still living there), I read all of it.

I dispensed the proper pills: one blue and one white.  (Penn State colors!) and took them.  No ceremony.  Just down the hatch with a glass of water.  And so my life changed.

Pre- HRT

Within a few months I started seeing changes.  My breasts at first hurt, then grew.  I took to wearing compression shirts under loose shirts.

Somewhere in mid 2013

I let my hair grow out.  Eventually my facial features softened as did my skin.  I switched to estrogen injections instead of pills.  The drugs did their work and feminized me.

December 2014

I've paid quite the price for the decision to take those pills.  I no longer live with Wife and family.  My marriage is all but over after over twenty years. I rarely see my daughter. I have lost friends.

Currently my body is feminine except for just below the waist.  And that won't change until I manage to scrape the many thousands of dollars that Gender Confirmation Surgery costs.  I may never get there.  But I AM here... living as a Woman full time.

It's amazing what time does.  In two years my life is completely different.

Where will I be in two more years?

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