Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Halloween 2014

Another Halloween has come and gone.  Halloween 2014 was rather mercurial.  The prior weekend I attended a fun party, but my costume sucked, and then other factors made it a bad weekend.

Things improved a bit when the website T-Central published yours truly as a guest columnist.  I was very honored!

This past weekend was a full slate.  The drawback was that I was short on money.  But I went ahead the best I could.

Friday, October 31, 2014 dawned bright and sunny in SEPA.  I woke early to shower , shave and put on my costume.  That meant a corset, which I tied tightly, a wig, and boots with two inch heels.  I drove almost two hours to True Colors Makeup Artistry.  Amanda Richards did an amazing job as always.  I've missed seeing her, as I hadn't since Keystone.  She's a lot of fun to speak with, and a great friend.


From there, I drove back to my stomping grounds, stopping first at my favorite comic book store.  they'd never seen me as Sophie (really! No money means no comics) and obviously never saw the Mary Marvel costume.

At Showcase Comics, Bryn Mawr, PA

After my one roomie Linda was ready, we drove down to Baltimore, Maryland to hang out with Sandy Empanada.  The theme of our group was "superheroes."  I, as you can see, was Mary Marvel.  Linda was the comic book character "Death."

Linda as Death

The Group

We arrived and, after several pictures, went to Club Hippo which is in the city.  There we milled around until karaoke started.  Of course I indulged.  I did Friend of the Devil, the Ramones I wanna be Sedated, and Sweet Caroline.

The night had one small bump- an overzealous suitor who hit on all the women in our group before being warned away by Batman.

We stayed at the Hippo several hours.  A few friends joined us.  One of them, Ashley, had the following picture taken.  Following the picture is her facialbook description of what's in it.

"This picture requires some very special explanation... Sandy and I decided to have our picture taken under the Hippo sign... Not really breaking news... But look at the white streak that appeared in this picture. It wasn't in the picture before or the picture after... The fellow taking the pics took a bunch in a row... He even commented... "What's that?"... Well... This is the same place Lisa Empanada and I took a picture 2 Halloween's ago... When Sandy and I first looked at the picture we both had a look of fear on our faces and honestly we were a bit freaked out.... After some time we both found some comfort in our suspicions... Lisa we love you and are always glad to know you are watching over us..."

So a picture with ectoplasm: by far the creepiest thing to happen that night.  Is it Lisa?  I like to think so.  She and Sandy shared a special bond, and it makes sense that she'd watch over Sandy.

After the Hippo, a few of us went to the Angle Inn near Sandy's house.  That night, Linda and I stayed at Sandy's house.

The next morning was rainy and gloomy.  We left early to head back north.  I had lunch planned with my parents.  I'd forgotten to bring a change of shoes, so I drove barefoot.  My feet were blistered after 14 hours in those boots, and my chest had a sweat rash from the corset.

Lunch went well.  Wife and daughter were there.  I attended in male mode as I flat out didn't have the time to do my makeup, and I knew Wife would appreciate it.  My parents still referred to me as a female.

That night was a Halloween party at M's house.  You know, the place I used to live.  I supplied the decorations.  Remembering that my "Lance" costume failed so miserably the weekend before, I decided to try something different.  So I got my old male suit out of storage and paired it with a short black leather mini skirt and pumps.  A "Genderf*ck."  Or as I put it to some people: Me.

What is that supposed to be?

The party was fun, with former and current coworkers mingling.  A friend made brownies at the party and they were amazing.  I drank very little, as I just didn't feel like drinking that night.  I'd woken up with a hangover and that slowed me down all day.  One of the definite highlights of the night was a large game of "Cards Against Humanity" which is one of most inappropriate games ever made... and a LOT of fun.

Cards against Humanity

I enjoyed seeing many old friends again, and there were some great costumes as well.  I was almost ashamed of my lack of effort.  A game of Gloom also broke out, and it was fun watching.


As it stood, a wonderful time was had by all.  I left after midnight as many people were descending in babbling alcoholic madness.  In years past, I would've been right there with them.  In fact, some people wondered why I was so "quiet."  I just smiled at them.

Some things had changed since the last Halloween.  I was no longer the hard drinking jerk I was then.  Now I am at peace.

There are those who call me... Tim.

The next morning I woke up, showered, shaved, put on my makeup and dressed, and it was back to work:  just another day.

Another Halloween has come and gone, and with it, my sixth anniversary of going out for the first time en femme.  So much has changed, even since the last Halloween.  What will this next year bring?  By next Halloween, I will qualify for GCS.  Where will I be?  Who knows?

Now at work, it's full speed ahead toward Christmas.  The next couple of months will be a blur.

I hope your Halloweens were everything you wished them to be!


  1. Sophie -

    I'm glad you noted that you are no longer a hard drinker. Opening yourself up to the world, and no longer needing to repress the real you obviously helps you in many ways.

    Of course C.A.H. is one of the most inappropriate games ever made - and one best played with one just short of a buzz (if only to be totally relaxed and uninhibited in the choices of cards.) I can still remember one "play" which almost had me wet my pants because I laughed so hard...... (No, I won't say what was in the cards here - but if we meet, I'll tell you....)


  2. Sophie,
    I think that several of the 9 muses follow you and watch over you on a regular basis but I wonder if the invitations go out to all the muses to pay Sophie a visit on Halloween. There strikes me as more than a littly mystic synergy between you and Halloween.

    When I first looked at the photo of Sandy and Ashley I thought that the symbol was the #2 but on closer inspection I wonder if it forms the cursive letter "L".

    I really like the mix of the shirt, jacket and tie top with the skirt, hose and heels bottom. It could serve as a metaphor of someone straddling two genders.