Monday, August 18, 2014

Interlude in Rehoboth

On Monday August 11, both my roomie Linda Lewis and I woke up before dawn to shower (separately- she's taken) and put on our faces.  The plan was to drive the few hours south to southern Delaware.  Initially, we were going to meet my dear friend Ally Raymond but medical issues prevented that.  So plans changed.  We would meet another wonderful friend, Kira, in Rehoboth Beach, then go visit my parents, who retired down that way.

Got all that?

Right.  So we made it down in good time, and were both really hungry.  When I was a child, my parents would occasionally take my brother and I into Rehoboth on our shore trips, and we always went to Nicola Pizza.  I remember liking their pizza (I HATE Grottos!) and suggested eating there.  And so we did, having budgeted for lunch.  And the pizza was better than I remembered.  I had my usual pepperoni, while Linda had everything (except anchovies.)  Her pizza looked more like a mound o' nachos!

After we ate, we walked to the beach, where we walked along the waterline and discussed our current situation.  You see, we have a two bedroom apartment, and our other roomie never moved in, so we're in a jam for the rent.  We discussed what could be sold on ebay to make up the shortfall, and, more importantly, where we could find another roomie.

After walking for a while, we stopped on the boardwalk to rinse off our feet at a shower station.  This station had three shower heads:  one low, one middle and one high.  There were also three buttons, aligned like a vertical stoplight.  So I pressed the lower one, which activated the lower shower head and I rinsed off my feet.  The middle one was more for washing legs, so I pressed the middle button (thinking logically)...

And the top shower soaked me.  Was that enough?  Oh no, of course not.  Did I press the wrong button?  So I pressed the middle button again...  SPLOOSH!

Linda found this extremely amusing, as you can guess.

Well, there I was, dripping wet on a hot day.  Linda suggested we walk along the boardwalk, which we did, eventually ending up at the Greene Turtle, where we stopped for some ice water and a rest.

I'm still wet in this picture, imitating a Price is Right model

We then walked around for a bit longer, ending up at an alternative bookstore (Pride?) which was quite fun.  More wandering, then we arrived at the Purple Parrot, which is where we were to meet Kira.

We waited a bit, then some guy comes up to us.  It was Kira in disguise!  (In drab is a better description, which is why I will be posting mo pics of her at her request.)

The bar at the Purple Parrot

Kira sat and we spoke of her long trip from Northeast Pa.  I met Kira at the Renaissance Christmas party the previous December and liked her immediately.  She's intelligent, well spoken, and FUNNY!  

 Linda enjoys an ice water

Kira was hungry and proceeded to order half the menu (just kidding- she ordered crab soup and a salad, as well as some nachos for all of us to share.)

Menu, garcon? 

And so we talked.  We talked about mutual friends.  We talked about what it means to be Transgender, and what it means to go full time.  Kira is making the opening moves toward that.  We spoke of our jobs and how they were/could be affected by this.

Sophie Selfie

And we ate!  The nachos were a massive pile o' food, and the three of us worked on them as we spoke.  I drank water and some cokes (one of which had a little extra flavoring.)  I've been drinking a lot more water lately in an attempt to lose weight and save money (maybe not in that order.)

Kira very generously picked up the check, despite Linda and my offering to pay our share.  We parted ways so she could check into her hotel.  Ally would join her the following day.  Initial reports from Rehoboth are that the two of them had an amazing time and that the populace may eventually recover from their visit.

From there, Linda and I went to visit my parents, who live in a small town on the north bank of the Indian River Bay.  With summer traffic, a normally twenty minute drive was more like forty.  We arrived, and we talked a bit.  I caught up on the extended family and helped my mum get back on facialbook.  My parents sprung for a chicken dinner that was very well appreciated.  Yes, I ate a LOT that day, as did Linda.

Linda is amused on my parents' pier

After visiting for a couple of hours, we took our leave.  Linda had work VERY early the next morning so we had to get back north.  The trip seemed eternal.  I was tired and traffic was heavy and at times it seemed like we'd never get make it back to PA.  But we did, and Linda went to bed immediately.  And actually, I wasn't far behind as I was exhausted, despite the heavy doses of caffeine that day.

So ended our long but fun day.  We both were a little sunburned, but not too badly.  I returned to work the next day with aching legs and heavy heart, as on the way home I had learned about Robin Williams' death.

At the Purple Parrot, it seems to be a tradition to write ones name on the seats.  It's a fun tradition, so I followed suit.  The only indication or semi-permanent reminder that I was ever there is now on a stool in the Parrot, written in sharpie.  But the day was good, the friends even better, and for one day, all was right with the world.

Be Well, everyone!

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  1. Y'all certainly know how to have a good time!