Monday, January 14, 2013

Pallid bust of Pallas

Been away FAR too long.  I'd been counting the minutes until this time...

Out and about again as Myself.  As Sophie.

And this would be my first time out since starting HRT.  It was going to be a memorable night for this chick!  And I dressed like it was a special occasion... which it was!

I was attending one of Jen Bryant's mega-parties at the Raven in New Hope.  She does these every other month, and I've attended a couple.  They're always fun.

I hadn't been out since mid-November.  An Eternity of frustration and patience.  Veteran readers know why I haven't been out, so I won't bore you with the details.

In any case, I made my appointment with Amanda Richards weeks ago.  Spent a while planning my outfit, which in the end was "just" an LBD. 

Ever hear the old adage that a "watched pot never boils?"  Well the days, hours and minutes dragged so slowly. 

Eventually I was on the road to see Amanda.  And not long after, I was looking in the mirror at Me again.  Not the drab false shell, but the REAL me.

So Good to see ME again!

I was invited to dinner by my friend Charlotte and her wonderful wife.  Instead of the Raven, they wanted to go to a different place nearby:  the Cock and Bull.  Joining us were other friends: Jennifur Lynn (yes that's how she spells it), Valentinia Torrelli with her date, Dale. 

A quick word about Valentina.  She's maybe five foot four in heels and weighs less than a wet cocker spaniel.  No one would ever EVER read her as a TG.  Most girls would hate her for being so petite, beautiful, and stylish except for the fact that she's so amazingly nice and considerate.  Everyone loves her!  So she has it all.  Meow.  ;)

In any case, Valentina was a few dozen steps behind Jennifur, Charlotte and myself walking into the restaurant.  We passed a group of elderly women as we entered.  Valentina told me of their comments, which I didn't hear.

As one can see from the picture above, my dress plunged in the front, which showed off the "girls" fairly nicely.  Apparently the ladies were saying "Did you see that girl?"  "That's disgusting!"  "Boobs hanging out like that! She should be ashamed!"  Tramp!"

So I wasn't read as a TG, but as a GG tramp.  Know what?  I'll take that!

A Tramp At Dinner

Dinner was wonderful!  The conversation was terrific as was the food and service.  I had a glass of pinot noir.  Drink number one.

From there it was off to the Raven!  When I arrived, the party was already in full swing.  I re-connected with several people and waited at the bar for my turn.  A guy stood up from his seat at the bar, and another guy moved to take it when the guy leaving said "Hey, let the lady have the seat!  Where's your manners?" while indicating me.  A second guy also chimed in "Yeah, let the lady sit!"  The guy apologized and offered me the seat, which I declined.  I said all I wanted was access to the bar to order a drink.  the man who seated himself offered to buy me a drink, which I declined, but he DID order one for me.  A tall Jack and diet coke.  Drink number two.

So I experienced men treating me like a lady.  I can't tell you how good that felt. 

I circulated about for a bit.  I bumped into Lisa Empanada and her wonderful wife.  Lisa was kind enough to offer her room for me to change back to drab later (as the person with whom I was to share a room caught the flu and didn't make it.)  I bought her a beer for rent. 

As with all Jen Bryant Raven events, there were so many people there.  I was able to talk to Lady Ellen for a bit, which was great.  I also finally met Pat, who reads this blog, but who hasn't commented for a while. Since the election actually...  ;)  We didn't really get a chance to talk, though.  I then had one more Jack and diet coke.  Drink number three.  10 PM.

The evening became a kaleidoscope of people and events.  The GG stripping off her blouse and dancing with just her bra.  The GG who was depressed that my boobs were "bigger and nicer" than hers.  A very tall woman named Jen who defined "Statuesque, raven-tressed, a Goddess of the night."  The usual crowd singing show tunes off key around the piano.

I had so many fun conversations and so much fun!  Total immersion into our Community.  I never felt like anything BUT a Woman. 

I was in heaven!

Oh, I mentioned my "girls" showing.  They received a LOT of attention.  I stopped counting at 100 long looks.  I can't complain, as I WAS showing them off.  Was that the smartest course of action?  Probably not, but I wanted to feel special and feminine.  And I certainly did!

At 1 AM, I bade everyone good night, went to Lisa's room, and changed back to drab.  I hadn't had an alcoholic drink since 10PM.  By the time I left for home, 1:30, it had been three and a half hours since my last drink.  Three drinks, three hours to recover.  Exactly what I needed. 

Next week is Renaissance and Laptop Lounge.  I already have my dress selected, it's just a matter of accessories.  Being out and about again... Bliss.

Oh, in case you don't know, Pallas was a Titan in Greek mythology, killed by Athena.  In this case, the bust is actually of Athena, called "Pallas Athena."  So the Raven sits upon a "disguised" female. (And if you don't know to what the title refers, I'm sending you back to Literature 101 to read many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore.)

If you follow, it makes perfect sense.

For a Woman going to The Raven.


  1. Sophie
    It was great to finally meet you and I am sorry that we did not get to spend too much time together. I agree that the experience was a kaleidoscope of sights, sounds and experiences. Sorry I had to leave early.

    You looked great. The 'girls' looked great and Amanda's work was outstanding. The outfit was perfect. The pictures that you have posted in the blog, including those from Saturday night, do not come close to doing you justice.


    PS: We will meet again and share a drink and kick the political tires.

  2. You looked fantastic Sophie! I'm so glad that your long-awaited outing was so joyful! Your dress is beautiful and Amanda outdid herself. It is heartwarming for me to see you so happy after all your tribulations!

    I hope I can get to one of these parties with you sometime. . .