Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ravens and Beagles and Sophie! Oh My!

Sorry for the delay in writing.  I've been quite busy.  More on that later.

So.  Last Saturday was third Saturday.  That means Sophie time!


No Laptop Lounge!

The Oh-So-Professional Sign

So what's a gal to do?

Fortunately, as the Community knew in advance that this was happening, plans were made.

The "official" Renaissance gathering (after the meeting) would be at a bar in Norristown called "The Beagle."  They host a weekly event called "Thursday Night T-girls," so they're friendly.  I'd never been there.

Another event popped up on Thursday: a gathering at the Raven in New hope, PA.  I'd been there a few times already

So, what to do, what to do?

Amanda Richards was busy, so I did my own makeup.  As usual, I booked a room at the motel, and slowly became myself.  I tried false eyelashes again, and this time I even managed to get them on!  First time for everything!

I wore the same outfit that I wore to Monday Night T-girls, as no one really saw it, and I had it cleaned. 

So, by 6 PM, I was ready.  I looked in the mirror and saw the woman that I really am.

At Renaissance

I had some time, so I visited a friend briefly, then went to Wendy's drive through for a diet coke.  Then a slow drive on back roads, enjoying the late summer afternoon. 

I remarked a few times in my blog, way back when, that being dressed in a skirt gave me pause and made me reflective.  Not any more.  Looking down over my breasts to see a skirt and painted toenails in strappy sandals is now perfectly natural for me.  I don't even think twice.  Because this is how I SHOULD be dressed, after all.

 I was first to arrive at Ren, so I started to set up the meeting area.  Soon a couple others arrived.  Angela asked me during the week to make a sign for Blue pacific so t-girls would know that the party wasn't on this week.  I made a beauty... and left it at home.  Oops!  So while at Ren, I wrote up a quick and nasty sign that looked like hell, but got the point across.  It's pictured near the beginning of this entry.  I then drove over to the mall to tape the sign to a post near the door.  Why not the door?  Because the light there would be off, so people wouldn't be able to see it.  There's a light next to the post.  I taped it up using scotch tape and medical tape because I left the packing tape at home... with the sign.

After putting up the sign, I received a phone call from a friend who was going to the Raven.  45 minutes away.  Was I coming?  Why not?

So I turned on the Phillies game and drove to New Hope.  Beautiful night for a drive. 

I arrived and wanted food, but they don't serve food in the bar on Saturdays- restaurant only.  Oh well!  I met some new people, and saw some old friends.  Sandy Martin and Charlotte Sometimes made the scene, and we had a great time.  I drank diet coke.

At the Raven

After a couple of hours, I headed to Norristown, and then Beagle.  It was easy enough to find.  Parked across the street and my heels clacked as I crossed over to the bar. 


 So loud I literally couldn't hear anyone speaking.  Good thing I read lips!

The DJ was a t-girl.  She looked the part of a drag performer.  She also sang some bawdy songs.  It was fun, but, as mentioned, VERY loud.

My friend Mary from Pittsburgh was there.  She recently had GCS with Dr. Leis.  I haven't seen her in a while, and we caught up.  It was great seeing her!  I remember meeting her at the Empire conference in Albany.  it was her FIRST night out ever.  Now she has gone all the way!  In only two years!  The costs were heavy- she lost her job AND her church!  (Tolerance is not a trait of the conservative right wing.)

Deaf at the Beagle

I didn't stay too long at the Beagle.  It was so loud my ears hurt.  Conversation was impossible, and as I wasn't drinking, I was bored.  Several friends left around 12:30, so I followed them out.  I drove back to the motel.  it was still early, so before cleaning up, I took some more pictures.  It was fun! 

Ooo la la!

Today is Thursday.  My ears are still ringing.  This isn't good.

So- were there any earth shaking revelations this past weekend?

Not really- aside from realizing how Comfortable I am as Sophie now.  How comfortable?  I'm going to a Phillies game on Tuesday.  It's LGBT night, and I'm going with a few other T's.  Represent!  For those who aren't familiar with the stereotype of the Philadelphia fan, I'm sure I'll get looks and comments.  Philly fans can be brutal.  That said, if I'm going to Be Sophie, I need to BE Sophie.  No Fear.  I'll let you know how that goes.

DUI Update:  Hearing scheduled for September 13.  As I noted above, I'm still not drinking.  Today is Day 18, and I'm doing well.  There was some moodiness around day 4-5 (read: furious temper), but aside from that, no issues.

There's a Laptop Lounge this Saturday, but I'm working.  I'll show up in drab after midnight.  Sigh.

Oh, there WAS somewhat of a revelation this past weekend.

As I was leaving for the motel, my wife (who knew exactly where I was going and why) asked when I'd be back.  I said around the usual time.

She said "This is the first time in a long time that I'm not worried about you driving."

Me being a woman?  She isn't concerned.  Me being sober?  Makes her happy.

And I don't miss the hangovers.

Maybe I'll even lose weight.  And fit into something smaller than a tent.

That will make me happy.


  1. Wow first of all bout the oh la la, very nice!
    Most importantly I love your wife! You are truly deserving.

  2. Sophie,

    One of these days I will make it to The Raven. It seems like a great place. I will take a pass on The Beagle. These old ears do not need further assault.

    Purple is a great color for you. I really like that top and love the skirt. They both work well for you.

    It had to be a relief for your wife to know that you will not be drinking and driving.


    PS: I have opted to tolerate your rant about the conservative right wing. I accept that even churches that I disagree with have their right to exercise their freedoms. We will leave it at that for now.

    1. Pat, I must've missed the political part of this post...

  3. Sophie,

    Sorry for the shot at the phrase "(Tolerance is not a trait of the conservative right wing)". I thought that you did a fine job of relating Mary's situation without the extra editorial comment.

    I truly feel bad that Mary lost her job and has been separated from her church. If her transition has given her peace and congruency that is a good thing. It is never good to lose a job. I do not know whether her job loss was due to her transition. I likewise do not know if you 'jumped the shark' by placing the blame for her job loss on the 'conservative right wing'.

    I see religion and the right to join a particular church as a freedom to engage in voluntary associations. I have a right to seek to become a member of a particular church. The church has a right to consider me or not. I believe in and support Mary's right to transition. I also would not have a government compel a church to accept anyone. That is the freedom of the church. Personally, I would not choose to be a member of such a church but others have the right to think differently. I believe Groucho Marx said something to the effect that "I would not belong to a club that would have me as a member". I would like to have the right to not be a member of any organization that would exclude Mary.


  4. Ah- I see the confusion. my fault there...

    Her job was WITH the church, for over 20 years serving the Lord, and they made it clear that they thought her transition was against their beliefs.

    So is it within the church's rights to exclude? By law yes. What would Christ say? I don't think he's going to look too kindly on that. But, I'm not Christ and don't presume to speak for Him.

  5. That is sad that she would lose her job with the church. It is beyond sad and to my way of thinking it is just plain wrong.
    Years ago I had some internal guilt trying to reconcile my feminine desires with my belief in God. I am now very much at peace in that regard. I am sure that God loves me regardless of how I am dressed. I also believe that God does not make errors. We are children of the Lord.
    I hope she was able to find new work and also find a way to worship in peace.