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Jul 22, 2010

Sophie fields a question

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Sat July 17- Sophie time! Time for the Renaissance meeting and Angela's Laptop Lounge.

After lunch in drab with some the gurls, I headed up to Amanda Richardsas usual. My outfit was the one I was going to wear for Kim's visit- a new satin black top, black skirt, red belt and heels and new earrings! I was feeling so hot!

(there were pics but they didn't translate over.  Oh well.  they're on flickr)

As my appointment was so late, I missed Ren (for the first time since I started attending!) (I've missed several times since)  and went directly to Laptop. There was a nice mix of new gurls and old friends, and I enjoyed myself. Oh and had some pictures taken! ;)

As always, the night ended quickly. I drove back to the motel to change and sat back in my car to listen to the end of a song on my cd player... and woke up 15 minutes later. Oops!

(not the smartest thing to do...)

I gathered what I needed and walked across the lot toward a side door. In the pool were four or five teens splashing about and making a LOT of noise. If I were in the rooms facing the pool, I would've been VERY angry. As it was, I walked by unnoticed and into the side door...

(Remember, they're in the pool at TWO AM!)

...where there were five more soaking wet teens sitting in the hall maybe ten feet from my door. Uh oh!

"Wow!" "Look at this!" and so on until as I opened the door when I heard

"Hey are you a man?"

I closed the door behind me, thankful it was nothing more than a few taunts.

"Are you a man?"

I looked in the mirror. I saw a woman. A tired and slightly disheveled woman, yes, but a woman.

I took my last pictures, and looked in the mirror one last time. Then started the long process of cleaning up so I could go home.

"Are you a man?"

Who am I? I don't even know any more. I know this- I love being Sophie and for that short time I am a woman. The rest of the time I am confused and searching...

(I have since resolved this one.  I am Sophie Lynne.  A Woman.)

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