Monday, December 5, 2011


A couple weeks ago here in the US was Thanksgiving Day. It’s the day set aside by President Lincoln for us to count our blessings and gather as families. These days it’s still about family (usually) but it’s also the day when people eat way too much (if they can) and prepare for Christmas bargain hunting. Some go to parades featuring big balloons.

Not those big balloons!  (Pic from Beauty at the Beach)

Many still count their blessings.

In an effort to avoid my wife’s family, who were visiting, I was going to type a quick blog listing what I am thankful for, etc. But who would want to read it? I mean really?

So for what do I have to be thankful? Let’s face it- my life isn’t ideal. But I have my health and all, and at least I’m employed.

But then there’s that whole “woman” thing. Am I thankful for that?

Is THIS something to be thankful for?

To be transgendered (I’m using the term broadly here) in the US means the possibility of being murdered, beaten, or sexually assaulted just because you exist. Never mind the whole “you’re a freak” thing we encounter. Prejudice. No one will hire you. Getting laughed at. Tears.

Why be thankful for that?

Some say that being TG is a choice. We do this because we are perverted. Or worse.

Well, if you’re reading this, I’m betting you already know it isn’t a choice. Setting ourselves for all that hatred voluntarily would not be sane.

Yet we do it. I do it.

Pics are from November 2011 Laptop Lounge

Being Sophie feels so natural. In the short times I can dress, I feel so much better about being me. I feel like all is right with the world- That I am who I am supposed to be.

So let’s look at what being Sophie has brought me for which I am thankful.

Since coming out, I have met a whole world of new people. Prior to then, I hadn’t met a single TG. Now I know many from all over the country, and thanks to MySpace and Facebook, all over the world. I’ve made some very good friends- friends I wouldn’t have met if not for this.

With Friends.  Pic courtesy Angela's Laptop Lounge

I’ve been able to test myself, especially my courage. As most of you know, it takes a LOT of courage to take that first step out the door, especially when just starting. Now I’ve learned to walk with my head held high as I stride forward. I’m also learning new skills, like makeup and dressing appropriately for an occasion. Ok, so “appropriate’ is still not exactly something I do.

I also test my resolve. How determined am I to BE Sophie? I had a vision as to what I wanted to look like, and went out to find the pieces to get me there. The weight thing is taking time. So, now I LOOK like Sophie. Do I have the resolve to BE Sophie- really be a woman? Time will tell. If asked 5 years ago “do you want to be a woman?” I would’ve laughed at you, and secretly answered “yes” to myself. Now? I think it’s a matter of time and circumstance. The family part is messy- as is the whole living arraignments thing, but that’s another story.

But the answer is still “yes.”

So, I AM thankful for my feminine side. Very thankful, because I am learning about who and what I truly am. I am growing in ways I never dreamed possible and I hope I can continue to do so.

Last but not least, I am thankful for the people who read this Blog. Currently there are 21 subscribers, and I am so happy to have all of you! Thanks for taking the time to read my thoughts!

Thank you so much for reading!

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