Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dinner on a Friday

I do my best to keep commitments.  I especially do my best to go to work when I am scheduled, as I know what it is like working short handed where I work, and I hate the idea of leaving my co-workers in a bind.

Yet last week I was invited to dinner by my "big sis" as Sophie.  As my family was away for the weekend, I could dress/clean up at my place without renting a room.  These opportunities don't come often! 

So it came down to a quandry- do I go to work and miss time as Sophie, or do I call out sick and be myself for a precious few hours.  I contemplated this for a couple days.

However in the end, there was only one real choice.

Can I go to work like this?

I called into work saying my wife's car wouldn't start (and as she was away, I was stranded), and prepped for a night in a skirt.  I wore a coral top and a denim skirt with brown slingbacks.  Silver hoop earrings.  I did my own makeup.

Dinner was wonderful, and after 6 hours it was time to go.  I drove over to the King of Prussia mall, fully intending to go into Fridays there.  However, my nerve left me when i saw the crowd.  I drove home, took pictures, and sadly cleaned up.

Does this outfit work?

The definition of an addiciton is a behavior that one does to the point of causing harm.  Now being Sophie has cost me hours at work.  But is it an addiction to express one's true self?

Come hither?  lol

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