Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Published in the New York Times!

Today was a Triple happy day!

First, my roomie Linda finally got her prescription for estrogen.  She was on it for years, but was self medicating, which is VERY dangerous.  Today we went to the Mazzoni Center in Philly where she finally got cleared by a doctor to be on HRT.  And she is so much happier!

Second, I received word that my dear friend Ally Raymond (whom I have written about many times here) has been featured in the New York Times.  You see, they're doing a series on transpeople, where you write about who you are, and maybe they'll publish it.  And she was published hours after submitting her amazing piece!  Read it HERE.

Third... wellllll..

I was also published in the New York Times!!!!!  The "Paper of Record!"  I'm no Jennifer Finney Boylan, but I can now say I've been published in the Times.  I can't tell you how excited I am.  As a writer, it's a dream come true!  It's only a short little piece, but I'm happy with it!

Find it HERE.  

Oh, and of course I mentioned the blog.  I haven't seen an uptick in hits though.  yet.  *crosses fingers*

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